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Jakob von Essen
Works at One Egg
Attends IT-gymnasiet Skövde
Lives in Skövde, Sweden
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Jakob von Essen

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+Notepad++ You are just awesome.
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Update re: TrueSmart refund

Hey all!

About two months ago, I sent my TrueSmart to Hongkong for a refund. Since early July, it's been sitting at a HK Post collection point close to the address Mr. Le Oen gave me. (I told him this.)

This morning, the status was changed to say it is being sent back to me. This means that thanks to Mr. Le Pen's "helpfulness," I've just wasted another $50 (shipping) on the TrueSmart.

I just wanted to check to see if anyone else has sent it for a refund and actually got their money back. What did you do different than I?
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+Laurent Le Pen Thanks for the quick response, I've sent an email to that address. Could you please respond to that email?
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Hey all!

Has anyone had any success in contacting everyone's favourite company about refunds for the TrueSmart?

I haven't even opened mine, because I don't want it. I tried contacting,, and with this question a few days ago, and haven't yet received a response.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I should proceed?
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+Laurent Le Pen Now the shipment has arrived at the closest post office (it couldn't be delivered when attempted), and the Hongkong Post tracking website says for you to pick it up.

Please see:
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Does anyone know how to turn off subtitles when Chromecasting Netflix to your TV? I can't figure it out!

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the subtitles are usually listed as "cc" or something like that on the remote control of the TV or LED screen. Play around with the buttons on the remote control, it's what works for me.
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Jakob von Essen

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I want to help change the world.

I'm looking for a non paid volunteer project in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development, suitable for a fresh High School CS graduate with an eager interest in learning more about the climate crisis we face and a will to stop that crisis from happening.
I’ve read a great deal about it, and chosen to become, a vegetarian after finding out the environmental impacts of living like I did.

Know someone who could use a helping hand, or some other way for me to find a position? Shout it out, I’ve got things to learn!

For more about me, see
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Jakob von Essen

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Anyone happen to have an extra OnePlus One invite?

You'll get four dollars via PayPal and my eternal gratitude in return!
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thanks, I’m getting one because you are. I was waiting for the next Nexus phone to come out but this must be better, right?
Monkey see, Monkey do!


On Oct 15, 2014, at 8:13 AM, Google+ (Jakob von Essen) <****@**> wrote:
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How will the I/O news about casting devices not having to be connected to the same, or any, WiFi affect the issue of using only one's phone, as both WiFi hotspot and casting device in e.g. hotels?

Should it work, since the phone still has cellular Internet? Would be pretty awesome for those of us using our phones as hotspots while traveling!
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Not completely clear on how many devices you're talking about but here's basically what you'd need:

Chromecast -> wifi internet connection
Chromecast controller -> Chromecast

The Chromecast controller can't also be the wifi internet connection.  So if you're running a hotspot on your phone you can't also use your phone to control the Chromecast (I think that's how it works at least)
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Jakob von Essen

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Hey all!

A few questions about the watch from a fan-just-turned-contributor:

* How well does Google Maps work on that small screen? Will it be easy to navigate with the TrueSmart on a bike?

* Can you create a wireless 3G hotspot from it?

* Will/could there be a mode where you say, "What time is it," or "OK Smart, navigate home" and the watch starts up, without you having to press any button, and shows the time or (in the second case) runs the last part in Google Voice Actions?
This would be perfect for when you can't use your hands (e.g. when you're on your bike).

* Will non-developer (pledgers) get access to the SDK?

* What temperature range does it work in? Will it stand up to winter just south of the Polar Circle?

* What spare parts are included?

* What water depth is max supported - would it survive the Mariana Trench?

* How good is the built-in speaker? Is it good for anything else than voice?

* What about supporting microUSB to headphone adapters (e.g., if at all possible, for people who want to use their hard-earned wired headphones?
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* What water depth is max supported - would it survive the Mariana Trench?

The device is IP67 rated, which means it can survive being in water up to 1m deep for 30 minutes.
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Does anyone know how being in different countries affects the ease of use of sharing a #Netflix account between two people?

Will it work, and what will happen if one of us tries streaming while the other one watches something?
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Jakob von Essen

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After three days on a bike trip with maybe an hour of heavy rain, my Galaxy Nexus won't boot!

I kept it close to me the whole time, in a back pocket between a sweaty back and a quite heavy backpack.

The only response I've been able to get from it is a "this device malfunctioned" error in Windows when I plug it in.

Is there any way to find out what the problem is without sending it to a service center?

EDIT: Never mind, it worked again after an hour of charging. :)
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Jakob von Essen

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Anyone got the Drive googledrivesync exe?
My direct download from Google's servers says it's eight days until it finishes, even though it's not even a megabyte!

Now would be an excellent time to use (I'll post a torrent when (if :() I get it)!

Edit: Got it, just had to relaunch the download. If you have trouble with the official download, try this (not BurnBit, but I don't expect that much traffic):
Burns a torrent for any file on the internet, which can be downloaded with any torrent client that support web seeding
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I try first to find the best solutions to problems, then to get people to understand why they are the best.
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Full-time Google lover.
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