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How to paste text replacing old text in vim?

| column 1 | col 2 |
and you want to paste " + 1" after "1" without changing the table width.

Solution: Move the cursor to the space after "1", enter replace mode by pressing R, and paste register by pressing <C-r>"


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I finally found out why the Thunderbird add-on External Editor wasn't working anymore!

It was because I hid the "External Editor" toolbar button... I thought I don't need it, I use Ctrl-E.

But the add-on is relying on the visible button. Fix: in the compose message window, right click on toolbar, customize, and add the button.

Finally I can use my Vim (with email.vim rc) for composing e-mails.

External Editor add-on:

Updating multiple Git repositories then and now:

for i in */; do (cd "$i" && git pull); done
parallel 'cd {} && git pull' ::: */

Thanks to GNU Parallel

How to make termite a drop-down terminal in xmonad:

install tdrop:

in ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs

add a keybinding:
, ("M-d", spawn "tdrop --program-flags= '--role=tdropwindow' termite")
(using XMonad.Util.EZConfig)

add a rule to the manageHook to float this window:
myManageHooks = composeAll $ concat
[ ...
, [ stringProperty "WM_WINDOW_ROLE" =? "tdropwindow" --> doFloat ]

Two insights: The program to drop-down must be an X application, not a shell script that starts such application. Command line arguments to the program must be supplied via tdrop with the -f / --program-flags option.


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I'm searching for a minutes and SMS counter app.

I have 50 free minutes and 50 free SMS per month and I would like to have an overview of how many free units are left...

Does anyone know such an app? Thanks.

Since version 33 I miss the URL hint when I hover over a link! You know, this hint displayed in the bottom left or right corner. I looked at it so often to see where the link leads me to.

Any possibility to get it back? Or an extension?
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