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ActionBarSherlock v4.1.0 released!

This release future-proofs us against changes in the framework and support library. If you use v4.0.x you MUST upgrade as soon as possible!

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+Peter Sinnott It means make every effort to upgrade as soon as you can so that future versions of the support library and future versions of Android don't interfere with the use of the library.
Please upload it to the maven repo, so I can upgrade as soon as possible.
+Dirk Jäckel Done. I uploaded it but it only went to the staging repos. Just had to sign in and click release! Sync will take a few hours though :-/
jake wharton any plan for using Android 4.0 date picker in 2.2?
+Jake Wharton First of all thank you for this great library! I am using it in my application and it saved me a lot of cursing :)

There is one little thing which could make it even more cooler: description how to do an application with tabs where you can swipe between them. There is a Fragments demo which actually does it BUT it looks rather ugly in Gingerbead and theming TabHost for newbies is not necessary a straightforward thing (I may be wrong as I am newbie :)
Kris B
I've been getting NullPointerExceptions showing up in my Developer Console. Hopefully this fixes it. Thanks!
Ken Yee
Thanks, Jake. Upgrading Sherlock or the ADK was always something I dreaded but hopefully this makes it less painful :-)
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