How to use ActionBarSherlock 4.0.0 with the Android Support Library v4r7

If you are a non-Maven user:
1. Download the new android-support-v4.jar using SDK Manager
2. Copy `SDK/extras/android/support/android-support-v4.jar` to the `library/libs/` folder in ABS
3. Change the scope of `SherlockFragmentActivity`'s `supportInvalidateOptionsMenu()` from default to 'public'

If you are a Maven user:
1. Download ABS v4 .zip/.tgz
2. Download the new android-support-v4.jar using SDK Manager
3. Deploy `SDK/extras/android/support/android-support-v4.jar` into your local Maven repository using deploy:deploy-file as 'r7'
4. Change ABS's pom.xml to reference version 'r7' for the support lib
5. Run `mvn install`

If you are a lazy Maven user:
1. Wait until the new sources of the support library are pushed to AOSP's `frameworks/support.git` repo
2. Wait until I update the script in the android4maven project which creates the artifacts for the support library that are deployed to central
3. Wait until someone with deploy permissions for android4maven has time to verify, build, and deploy the new artifact to central
4. Wait until I update ABS to use the new artifact and release a new version
5. Update your pom.xml ABS version from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 :)
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