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How to use ActionBarSherlock 4.0.0 with the Android Support Library v4r7

If you are a non-Maven user:
1. Download the new android-support-v4.jar using SDK Manager
2. Copy `SDK/extras/android/support/android-support-v4.jar` to the `library/libs/` folder in ABS
3. Change the scope of `SherlockFragmentActivity`'s `supportInvalidateOptionsMenu()` from default to 'public'

If you are a Maven user:
1. Download ABS v4 .zip/.tgz
2. Download the new android-support-v4.jar using SDK Manager
3. Deploy `SDK/extras/android/support/android-support-v4.jar` into your local Maven repository using deploy:deploy-file as 'r7'
4. Change ABS's pom.xml to reference version 'r7' for the support lib
5. Run `mvn install`

If you are a lazy Maven user:
1. Wait until the new sources of the support library are pushed to AOSP's `frameworks/support.git` repo
2. Wait until I update the script in the android4maven project which creates the artifacts for the support library that are deployed to central
3. Wait until someone with deploy permissions for android4maven has time to verify, build, and deploy the new artifact to central
4. Wait until I update ABS to use the new artifact and release a new version
5. Update your pom.xml ABS version from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 :)
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Manual dependency management is always easier... until it isn't.

If you opt for the lazy Maven route all you will have to do is update your pom.xml from '.0' to '.1' as the ABS <version> in a few days... that sounds easiest to me :)
Nice. Thanks for the note jake .
Thanks Jake! Still tinkering with basics and styling.
I understand there are some compatibility issue when it comes to styling native action bar. Would be great to see more styling samples.
I will be working on getting the new sdk stuff into central but I am ready to upload if you create the bundle ;-)
Great work guys!

The only left issue is at the ADT side : I've got projects with more than 3 dependencies to library projects (our own lib, ABS4 and VPI), and .apklib are sadly not yet managed as Library projects by ADT.

Having both Library projects and android4maven .apklib is a little bit redundant and got me some headaches, mostly about which mvn dependency to use for the compat lib.

I really hope we'll see ADT managing the .apklib as Library projects soon. At least the issue assigned.. maybe in r18 ?
What if i use your viewpagerindicator library too?

I'm not sure if it's caused by your library, but i'm not able to get my projects working again after updating to r17. I get a conversion to dalvik failed with error 1 all the time ;/
Yes +Mike Penz even I got the same error when I upgrade to r17 with Sherlock project. Since r17 is in preview I presumed its some SDK bug. Plus my eclipse was extremely slow.

Edit. r17 is no longer in preview :P Just saw the update.
Yeah. I was able to revert to r16 after 3 hours of work ^^ Now my projects are working again. I'm so happy. I'll wait now a month or two before updating again xD Oh and i'm still using ABS v3 because i got lots of errors when i tried to import it to eclipse ^^ No idea.
Great work dude, you're awesome :)
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