Using Project Kotlin for Android

I've been watching and playing with Kotlin for about two years now. It's gotten to the point where I think it's really viable for Android app development. I decided to take a few nights and dig into a bunch of details about the language and why it's a good candidate.

This is a slightly modified copy of a document I presented internally at Square. We're not going to turn around and write everything in Kotlin. That wouldn't make sense. This was a sell on the language, features, and its implementation such that we can start experimenting.

Since I'm not interested in hearing people yell things that I already know about their favorite non-Java languages, comments are off and closed on this post. I've used Groovy and Scala a bunch, but thanks. I haven't used Xtend or Ceylon at all (hence their omission). If you're interested in discussing those, make your own post.

#AndroidDev #Kotlin #NotScala
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