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ViewPagerIndicator 2.4.0 released!

Along with a bunch of bugfixes comes an IconPageIndicator and icon support for TabPageIndicator.

GitHub: Sample:

Note: Play Store and Maven central may not be updated immediately

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The 2.4.0 sample app doesn't work in my tablet (4.0.3) and phone (2.2.1)
+Jake Wharton Does this library implements a behavior similar to the one for the Google Music app tab widget? Meaning swipe left/right to switch tabs and update tab indicator.  Or do I have to use this library in conjunction with ABS to get the full implementation?
+Víctor Jaén From where? The downloads page or market or deploying yourself? I just upgraded to IntelliJ 12 Ultimate and had problems creating the APK.

+Carlos Vega You can do that specific behavior with action bar tabs and the ViewPager natively. No need for this library.
Sorry I didn't mentioned that, download seccion on github
+Víctor Jaén Thanks. Seeing it too. Will update. Pushed the same version to the Play Store too. Whoops!

Edit: Re-uploaded.
+Jake Wharton So the main purpose of this library is to override the default tab indicator with the other implementations you have shown in your pics, correct?
+Carlos Vega The purpose is to provide visual indication of the presence of a ViewPager, a control which otherwise provides zero indication to the user that left/right swiping is available.
Got it! Thanks for the clarification!
Cool update... The only thing I now miss from this library is a better text rendering.
Oh Jake... Really? Software buttons on devices with hardware buttons (S3 & One X) in your screenshots? :P

Thank you for the update and the awesome library! :)
+Máks Salo Damn! I did Photoshop out the overflow menu out on the S3 but forgot about those :)
Nice work. Using it myself in my app, so time to update :-)
Great work! Don´t know how I could create apps without your awesome libraries. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
Released v2.4.1 to fix a background bug.
+Jake Wharton, can you tell me what happens to the «com.viewpagerindicator.TitleProvider»?

And as a hint: A Change Log going back only one release is not all that helpful.
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