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ActionBarSherlock v4.2.0 has been released!

This version brings preliminary SearchView support along with a slew of bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who helped test the development branch for this release.

Change log:

This version comes nearly 5 months after version 4.1.0 which is wholly unacceptable. I promise to keep the incremental releases flowing more regularly.

And finally, ABS still ships with the r7 support library. It cannot ship with a newer version because that is the newest in Maven central.
- If you are using ABS with Ant then download the latest support library and drop it in the `libs/` folder.
- If you are using ABS with Maven then deploy the r10 jar to your local repository or Nexus and add a dependency to it explicitly. Maven will correctly choose the newer version (because it's a real build system!)

Enjoy, folks.
ActionBarSherlock is an extension of the compatibility library designed to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android leveraging the best API available.
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is there a specific reason for removing the .ForceOverflow themes?
Yes. They should have never been there in the first place and they created inconsistency across API levels. An ICS device with a hardware menu key does not show an overflow so neither should a pre-ICS device.
Thanks for all your hard work, Jake! BTW, was the SearchView backport as complicated as it initially seemed?
I'm not sure right now, but i think a ICS device with menubutton using ABS+ForceOverflow did show the Overflow too. Did it?  I kinda liked it, think it's a better looking solution, than the menu on pre-ICS, even when using the menubutton. Couldn't understand why Google chose a menu not even existent on pre-ICS as a fallback for ICS with a menubutton.
+Matthias Friedrich I agree it's better looking but that is not the behavior. ActionBarSherlock's goal is consistency across API levels. This is the same reason we can't fix some fundamental bugs that appear in the ICS+ action bar.
Thanks, I was just looking in to search view yesterday.
+Jake Wharton i would like some additional stuff and fixes, but i understand your point. Especially regarding your blog post some days ago! Thx for all the work.
I don't think the time between updates is 'wholly unacceptable' at all. Personally speaking, I still find it rather baffling that the compatibility library didn't ship with this functionality alongside ICS, rather than relying on the community to implement it.
+Chris Lacy It should never have gone 4 weeks without a release since there has been consistent bug fixes over the course of the 5 months.

And +Adam Powell mentioned on a previous post that the desire for a near-complete backport in response to the action bar was completely unforeseen. They are correcting this fact with the introduction of the AppCompat library at some point.
"Completely" may be a bit over the top but yes, we were planning for a strategy of graceful adaptation in its absence instead of a total backport.
+Jake Wharton Great, thanks for the good work. I've updated a number of my code bases to 4.2. Do you know if the ShareActionProvider issues have been fixed for the DarkActionBar theme? I have one app with a modified ABS that use that and DarkActionBar, but without my modifications I get tons of InflateExceptions.
+Thomas Barrasso It works for me with all themes in the supplied demo. If you have an issue, please create a pull request against the 'dev' branch adding an example to the 'known-bugs' sample.
+Jake Wharton Oh, OK. I'll try it out tomorrow (it's 12:46am EST and my brain is shutting down). I just remember seeing a closed issue with the InflateException for ShareActionProvider and ABS before so I didn't want to open a new issue. Also, my solution was a total hack (I ended up removing a few styles and hard-coding the Drawables I wanted). I keep frozen copies of ABS in all of my projects just so the upgrade doesn't break things, let's me play with them one by one and ensure compatibility.
Why are you still using revision < 10 of the support library? Fragment replace doesn't seem to work properly with revision < 10 when rotating the device.
I understand your argument about removing .ForceOverflow. But the issue is that my users are already used to that. It will be inconsitent to go back to menu button.
+Héctor Júdez r10 is buggy and can only be used with a selfmade fix. I fixed it on my own and use r10 with ABS. Works fine.
+Arvid Gerstmann, I am also using r10 and I don't have bugs... maybe I am not using the buggy part of the API but with r9 I had an issue with fragment replace that was solved by just replacing r9 with r10. I did not have to fix anything.
+Jake Wharton Is it still possible to use the absForceOverflow attribute in order to compensate for the removal of the .ForceOverflow themes?
Does it handles the problem with tabs when orientation changes ??? or do I need to add the solution available on github (recreate tabs) ?
I have tried new Library... But problem with tabs when orientation changes (Portrait to Landscape) is still there... Is recreation is the only option ?
+Jake Wharton , would it be possible to use the latest v4 compatibility jar? I'm trying to add the new notification features, but the NotificationCompat class that comes with ActionBarSherlock doesn't have them yet. Other than that - rock on!
SearchView is awesome, but I have a tiny question, does the RecentSuggestions work with the SearchView Widget?
Now that Android 4.1.2 was dropped, is the source to the support library r10 also available?
+Andreas Schildbach It looks like it might have been, yes. Now it's just a matter of trial and error to figure out the exact SHA. If only git had these things where you could like tag specific commits... we could even call them tags!
Does SearchView have at least barebones search functionality? As in, does it fire INTENT_SEARCH intents like the search dialog does?
It works like the stock SearchView, but without recent recommendations.
+Ian Lake I was being sarcastic since the support library revisions remain tagless in their AOSP repo.
+Jake Wharton - you'd think if you are specifically pushing code to AOSP, you'd push the release tags (which I assume exist in their internal repo) as well. Yes, it is an extra step for one person, but it would save so much time for everyone looking at the code, yourself included.
Android 4.2 has been dropped, and so has been the support library v11. Nested Fragments support!! Any chance for an update to Maven Central?
Google pushes to Maven central now. Ask them for a timeline.
+Jake Wharton Who is "them"? Can you say which artifacts they already pushed? At least* doesn't look like it has been pushed by anyone for a long time.
+Jake Wharton thanks for your great work. I would love to give back to community and work on development of ActionBarSherlock.
I can't for the life of me get the SearchView to work with SearchSuggestions.  I'm now trying to mod the Android Searchable Dictionary to use ActionBarSherlock with no success :'''(
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