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ActionBarSherlock v4.4.0 has been released! Grab the latest version in both apklib and aar form from Maven central.

While there may be a dot release or two in the coming weeks, version 4.4 is shaping up to be The Last Release™. As such, let me take these bytes to thank everyone and anyone who ever used, recommended, or hated on ABS. The very first release was March 7th, 2011 as a single, 500-line class. We've come a long way. I actually have some ideas for what an ABSv5 could look like but it'd be a bit of a deviation so I might release it under a new name.

Change log:

Maven users:

Gradle users:
    compile 'com.actionbarsherlock:actionbarsherlock:4.4.0@aar'

Example Gradle project using ABS:

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(Note: it might take an hour or two to actually show up in Maven central)
 The Last Release™? It's like the end of an era. :sniff:
Let me take these bytes to say thank YOU for all your hard work. 
This has been an amazingly helpful library, excellent work. the thought of moving on from ABS is kinda scary! 
AAR!? Great!!!! Thanks :D
I still need this over ActionBarCompat in some situation ;)
Thanks a lot. You made my life much easier.
Thanks for your great work, and all the guys contributing to it. We knew this day would come, but I believe no one ever hesitated relying on this wonderful lib. Every serious Android Developer knows this library.
thanks a lot..made all of our lives much easier. :).
Yeah, thanks for all the work. It was great while it lasted.
+Jake Wharton you have helped shape what Android development is today with this library. Without it the pain of crossing different android versions may have been unbearable. 

It is a testimony to your creation that Google have decided to build it into their world leading platform. I will be watching what you do next!
Thanks so much Jake, ABS has been a huge help.
Thank all of you guys for great library. +1 for aar support.

Shame that Google guys didn't focus on something more useful, ABS was and is still sufficient.
Thanks +Jake Wharton for all your hard work. You made a huge difference in the Android dev community with this.
Any chance of resuming work on ViewPagerIndicator +Jake Wharton now? And thank you so much for all the time you've put on this project. You're awesome.
+Ricardo Amaral Maybe. I don't use VPI which is why I haven't worked on it. I also developed it when I was an absolutely awful Android programmer so in order for me to use it I'd probably have to rewrite it from scratch. I'll think about it, but time is always eluding me.
+Jake Wharton Ahah, I understand. :) I was just asking for two main reasons... One, the test rendering bothers me. Two, would love to get an .aar for that library too ;)
+Jake Wharton I'm having an issue with the .aar file and so far it seems I'm the only one. Compiling my app with assembleRelease and using ProGuard I get the following warning which stops the build process:

Warning: com.actionbarsherlock.internal.ActionBarSherlockCompat: can't find referenced class com.actionbarsherlock.BuildConfig

Downloading the .zip and replacing the contents on the already configured module works fine. Which makes sense, the BuildConfig will be generated during the build process for the ActionBarSherlock module. But the .aar does not include the `BuildConfig` file, thus resulting on the error above.

Am I really the only one with this issue or the only one which tested this new .aar version with ProGuard?

I created an issue for this at:
As someone using ABS 4.1.0 and considering moving from Eclipse to Android Studio, is it still possible/feasible to use ABS 4.1.0 in Android Studio? I'm asking this in reference to the new support in 4.4.0 for Gradle (i.e. does this mean earlier versions 'do not work' with Gradle in some regard?)
Thanks for all of your hard work on this!
Thank you for all the work you put into this great project...
Thanks a lot for all your time. You're the one that made the design guidelines actually possible to implement! 
finally, "@aar" is the key.
Thank YOU!!! for making our Dev lives easier with ABS
Thank you Jake, ABS makes my life a lot easier!
Really appreciate your work! Great stuff!! Thank you very much
Pity I'm still stuck at 4.1.0 because there is no support for holo style overflow/option menus on Android 2.x.
Thanks for your help! One small problem, I've added the aar line but the Theme isn't recognised in my theme :-( Am I missing something?
Thank you for the excellent work.Thank you for all of you participated in ABS.It is really a great help for me.
Should we switch to using Google's Action Bar API?
Thanks +Jake Wharton for this brilliant library that you created to help us all. You must've learned a lot in these couple of years and I'm sure everyone who used ABS and followed you learned a lot from you.

I hope you continue developing great libraries for Android and keep helping people over at #androiddev. Wish you the best of luck.
Ken Yee
I'm also wondering if we should be using Android's actionbarcompat for new projects?  I've been using ABS because it plays well w/ the HoloEverywhere library.
Thanks for working on this library all this time +Jake Wharton 
Big thanks for aar support. However when I include ActionBarSherlock dependencies outside of android plugin block (like in github example) then it doesn't work (so in my case dependecies from your example must be within this block)
+Jake Wharton  Could you please suggest of a way converting an apklib project to .aar like you did on abs. There is no much info out there. Do you recon that gradle is ready enough in order to switch from maven to gradle based projects? Apklib is my main limitation. 
I really appreciate all the effort you've put into ActionbarSherlock and you should know that you've saved me of tons of hours of hacking. I just hope Google improve the usability of their actionbarcombat compared to the first editions ;)
Nick Ra
Sir on your website I can't see the last few letters of the dependencies
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