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NineOldAndroids v2.3.0 released! Bug fixes galore!

Get the latest release of the Honeycomb animation API backport which works on every Android version as far back as 1.0!

Website @
GitHub @
Sample @

Released to Maven Central as well but sync takes a few hours...
Android library for using the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) animation API on all versions of the platform back to 1.0!
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This is totally unnecessary. Now we are going to have animations all over the place, why not throw some splash screens in there.
+Mike DiGiovanni I don't understand your point. The API is there in HoneyComb+ NineOldAndroids just provides a back port to earlier devices. How is the back port going to create "animations all over the place"?
+Peter Edwards yup, I agree with +Mike DiGiovanni , we should also completely remove the Drawable class and subclasses and stick to text-only interfaces instead of so many graphic resources all over the place!
+Peter Edwards according to all the blogs, developers can't use new APIs if they want to support older devices
+Mike DiGiovanni Looks like he pulled the animations out of Honeycomb and included them in a jar similar to the support library. Nice job!
+Jake Wharton I've read your article and I agree with your viewpoint. However I don't see how brining Holo based widgets to pre-ICS devices contradicts this. At least then we would have the basis for a clean and common look and feel across Android versions.

Certainly, themeing and clever design on top of that base is still essential. A common OS-independent widget set across devices is what I am after, and the Holo themed widgets seem a great start for that.

My conflict seems to lie between a singular app experience or an app that fits the OS flavour it is installed on. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this if you have some time.
Where do you get the time! Amazing work, will try it out on our next app!
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