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I have uploaded my slides from "Simple HTTP with Retrofit 2" from Droidcon NYC. The video will follow in a few weeks.

To coincide with the talk, I have also released Retrofit 2.0.0-beta1! While it's not done, it's very usable.

Retrofit has been simplifying HTTP calls for years and this new version is no different. In addition to fixing some long-standing annoyances, there are a handful of new features which make it more powerful than ever. This talk will focus on how the new APIs in Retrofit aid in making HTTP calls as simple as possible for your app. The integration with OkHttp and Okio APIs will be covered to ensure a full understanding of the HTTP stack. Common u...
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The slides look quite promising. Like the new plugable executors.
Did you release retrofit 2? I am seeing v1.9.0 as latest version.
Opps... Retrofit 2 will be out by the end of the year hehe
+Jake Wharton I've started playing with Retrofit 2 in a new app I'm working on, and I've got calls working, GSON converter working, interceptors wired in, etc. So far, so good. But I have a property on a response object that I want to be a Date type, where the value comes through in JSON as a non-standard date format. In Retrofit 1, I created a TypeAdapter, and wired it into the RestAdapter like so: builder.setConverter(new GsonConverter(jsonConverter));

So in the new Retrofit, how would I wire that in? I've tried a few ways, and had no success so far.
+Jake Wharton I am curious how do you keep your libraries simple and focused (including when redesigning some stuff)? Do you keep a list of some common use cases and when trying to come up with a draft of an API you verify that all those use cases are achievable? Or does this happen more like you let the library design itself (by building on some starting API-design foundation)? Retrofit is great example of design, because I started learning it with a very simple scenario which then suddenly changed a few times taking unpredictable twists - and for all of them Retrofit (1.x) not only had something I could do to implement the new requirement, but it also looked quite logical and fitting into place in the end :)
will u please explain meaning of TYPE-SAFE HTTP CLIENT FOR ANDROID AND JAVA?

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