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ActionBarSherlock 4.0.2 released!

This release brings with it the new r7 support library. You MUST update your application if you are using 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 to ensure it functions with future versions of Android and Dalvik. Huge thanks to +Adam Powell for a last-minute tweak to the support library for this.


It's already in Maven Central if you are one of those type of folk :)
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Awesome jake... Thanks for this awesome ABS....
Thank you for your work on ActionBarSherlock, it's a life saver.
Hello +Jake Wharton did you already release a new version of the view pager library too? Currently, I'm using both ViewPager and ActionBarSherlock in one of my projects. I'm one of those maven fans, but I saw that current ViewPager version in the central repo is not up-to-date nor compatible with latest release of ABS. Would you mind at least pushing a SNAPSHOT version of ViewPager? Will it use support library version r7 too? Currently I have to manually checkout dev branch and run mvn install. Thank you so much.
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