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Please comment on the original.
The Droidcon Montréal keynote by +Jake Wharton  and +Jesse Wilson  is now available on  youtube! Go check it out!
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Jake Wharton

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Are you using OkHttp with Volley? (Or do you want to?)

Here's a new HttpStack implementation which uses OkHttp's native request/response API instead of relying on the HttpURLConnection wrapper. Bonus: This means that OkHttp's hot new interceptors feature will now work with it!
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+Jake Wharton does OkHttp removes the Cache-Control header if it contains "no-cache"?
In my case I have some requests with "no-cache" but Volley doesn't get this header and caches the response :-(
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Jake Wharton

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Retrofit made it on to +ThoughtWorks Technology Radar!!
The Technology Radar is a document that sets out the changes we think are interesting in software development.
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No surprise here :)
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Jake Wharton

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Just snipped issue number 100,000 on the Android bug tracker. I want to thank all the recent spammers which artificially inflated the bug count for making this possible.

I also totally didn't search for an existing issue or try too hard to reproduce multiple times. And I held on to this bug for two days selfishly.
Android Open Source Project - Issue Tracker
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Haha, NERD
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Jake Wharton

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I'm releasing and open sourcing Telecine, a small app I wrote two months ago for creating clean screen recordings directly on your device.

Like with almost everything I end up open sourcing, I wrote it for myself but thought it might be useful to others as well. I've got one or two additional hero features that I hope to get to eventually, but it's perfectly usable in its current state.

Hope the app and code are helpful.
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Great, work as expected!
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Jake Wharton

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The video of my Dagger 2 talk recorded at Devoxx is now available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Video: Slides:
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+Jake Wharton I would suffer their terrible interface for the content of that course
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Slides for my very technical talk on Okio (featuring OkHttp, Moshi, and Retrofit) are now available for your perusal.

(Yes a video was recorded, and it will be made available soon.)

This talk will be an in-depth look at Okio—a tiny library for interacting with bytes—and a few of the libraries written on top of it: OkHttp, Retrofit, and a newcomer named Moshi. Okio evolved naturally inside of OkHttp before being split out into its own library. It wraps common patterns behind a friendly API for reading, writing, and processing data. We'll start with some fundamentals of the library and how it can enable you to work very c...
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But I can't make a https call with retrofit can you help me...
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Jake Wharton

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Using +IntelliJ IDEA's language injection to write annotation processor tests. Super handy!
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Thanks for sharing
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Using Project Kotlin for Android

I've been watching and playing with Kotlin for about two years now. It's gotten to the point where I think it's really viable for Android app development. I decided to take a few nights and dig into a bunch of details about the language and why it's a good candidate.

This is a slightly modified copy of a document I presented internally at Square. We're not going to turn around and write everything in Kotlin. That wouldn't make sense. This was a sell on the language, features, and its implementation such that we can start experimenting.

Since I'm not interested in hearing people yell things that I already know about their favorite non-Java languages, comments are off and closed on this post. I've used Groovy and Scala a bunch, but thanks. I haven't used Xtend or Ceylon at all (hence their omission). If you're interested in discussing those, make your own post.

#AndroidDev #Kotlin #NotScala
Using Project Kotlin for AndroidUsing Project Kotlin for Android Statically-typed, highly-interoperable augmentation to the Java language. Author: Created: 2015-01-20 Updated: 2015-01-26 Table of Contents Introduction Features Interoperability Lambas Null Safety Extension Methods Data Classes Other Awesome...
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The video recording for Dependency Injection with Dagger 2 is now available to watch for $FREE.

Unlike my talk on Dagger 1 last year, this is not tailored towards Android. It covers dependency injection as a pattern, how to use Dagger 2, and a peek under the hood at how Dagger 2 fulfills the dependency injection contract.

As always, I try to move through at a moderate pace with high information density under the assumption that you could re-watch. And now you can!

Video: Slides:
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What's to say? It's just Java and Java works on Android, including 5.1.
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Jake Wharton

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Attention Canadians and everyone else, +Jesse Wilson and I will be giving the opening keynote at +droidcon Montreal in April! I'm super excited to play Vanna White to Jesse's Pat Sajak.

I'll also be giving a new talk "A Few 'Ok' Libraries" which will cover the fundamentals of Okio; a few libraries built on top of it: OkHttp, Retrofit, and a yet-to-be-released newcomer; and how they all fit and work together.

Super early bird tickets went on sale today:

See you there!
We're very happy to announce the first speakers for Droidcon Montreal. Jake Wharton and Jesse Wilson will be on the big stage together giving what will be the most epic keynote ever. After all the contributions they have brought to the Android Community, we're very proud to have them opening the ...
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Jake Wharton

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The Conference Speaker Investment

I wrote down my thoughts on choosing and creating technical presentations. I don't think of myself as any kind of authority on the subject, but I think I have some good concrete points on how to optimize for the best.

"Speaking at conferences is an investment of speakers in time, energy, and knowledge. The quality of a presentation and of the conference itself can be measured in the amount of investment made."
The Conference Speaker Investment. 20 November 2014. Speaking at conferences is an investment of speakers in time, energy, and knowledge. The quality of a presentation and of the conference itself can be measured in the amount of investment made. Here are my tips for future conference speakers.
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+Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz Depends on the conference. Sometimes they will cover some or all of the travel and lodging. If they don't, I get manager approval to attend and expense it. If for whatever reason I can't always expense it and I really want to go, I'll try to work a vacation or something around it.

+Angelo Rüggeberg I mention this in the post, but IntelliJ IDEA 14+ supports rich-text copy and paste. Android Studio is currently based off of IntelliJ IDEA 13.
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