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#wwdc Keynote hasn't started. First lie right here. :)

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Phew. It's called iOS 6 not "The new iOS"
Well, unless iOS 6 is introducing multitasking or intents...
...Or a basic file management system. Or proper 4G support. Or anything that'll convince me iOS is an actual OS and not just an API.
No, it supports "these are six specific things it can do in the background" (Apple calls them channels, I believe). Multitasking is allowing multiple apps to execute code at the same time. Which iOS cannot do. Basically, they can more or less simulate multitasking for certain types of things, but two apps still cannot run at the same time.
Wikipedia's article on multitasking would probably argue otherwise. But I won't argue either.
RAZR MAXX = Like double the iPhone 4S' battery life. And it's still thinner. Your argument is invalid. :)

Okay, so not worthy of a separate post... but the "we're teaching anatomy on an iPad" is so Google Body. We had that last year.
You can watch movies on it for 15 hours (one of the most strenuous activities for a phone), so I'm not sure what the heck your friend is doing, but it's not normal.

And saying "well compare to an older model" is like saying "well, compare to my Star-TAC". You have to compare devices that are both recent, sorry.
iPhone 4 is a year old, with three year old technology. We were in dual cores when the iPhone 4 introduced Apple's first 1 GHz single-core. The RAZR MAXX has somewhere around three times the processing power of an iPhone 4, so that's not a fair comparison by any standard, lol.
Okay, Wikipedia and the rest of the internet backs me up, but you know... whatever. A dual-core obviously uses more battery than a single-core. And you can't tell me dual cores are bad, because even Apple uses them now.
So... you can't compare battery life of an iPhone 4 (single-core), to a RAZR MAXX (dual-core), but you CAN compare two dual-cores and see how they fare... correct?
My Bionic has the same chipset more or less of a RAZR, and I get a lot more lifetime than that. The RAZR, has a better battery than my Bionic, and the RAZR MAXX has double that. So your friend probably either has a defective model, or needs to stop downloading porn apps.
Well, RAZR MAXX has a 21 hour talk time.
So do I. And I have no problems doing it. :)
If he wants, he could also use Smart Actions, which lets you tell the phone to do things at varying times. You can have it shut off and turn on certain services, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, depending on different conditions.

It's RAZR-only, but somebody hacked it onto my Bionic, and it is godly. I have it adjust my ringers based on my location.
+Jake Weisz Yeah I know, but only in America. The rest of the world has baulked at their claims of 4G* when it is so blatantly not available. 

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