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Social media and work
we're doing it right

In a very forward-thinking move by the company, the work's social media ban has been lifted, and we are now allowed to incorporate work and play. It's a huge sign of trust and respect, and something that I believe will prove positive for the business. 

This change of policy goes hand in hand with our office refurbishment, which will introduce a new way of working that includes a healthy social element – with things like break-out spaces and the ability for more of us to work from places other than our desks.

Studies show that people who are allowed more freedom in how they do their work are happier, healthier and more productive. Our company has heard and they have listened.

If you want to stay connected on Twitter as well as here, follow me as @jessharcat. We can tweet about all teh things. :)

And, of course, you can find me on LinkedIn as well....

#social   #socialmediastrategy   #youredoingitright  
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Gender irrelevant. 
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Jake Sharman

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Your own personal living wall.

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Seems beautiful. Nature in home
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Jake Sharman

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The Committee concluded that the lowest risk, most cost-effective and quickest option to undertake the works would be for all MPs, Peers, and staff to move out of the Palace temporarily in one single phase.
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Not cheap. Anywhere up to £7.1 billion...
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Jake Sharman

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Intelligent lighting

One of my favourite topics is daylighting and the use of light in buildings, especially in regards to health and happiness.

This article talks a bit about the importance of not only light levels, but its intensity, colour spectrum and timing.

“Workplace lighting can, in addition to providing sufficient light to conduct work-related visual tasks, affect employees’ alertness, mood, cognition, sleep-wake pattern and health.” ~ Karin CHJ Smolders and Domien GM Beersma from the Department of Chronobiology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands

#wellbeingatwork   #daylighting   #health   #productivity   #happiness  
Good lighting has an important contribution to play in workplace wellbeing and consequently in an individual’s performance
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I've always wanted to design a practical, multilevel building with natural lighting in every room. Unfortunately I'm not an architect.
But it's getting so that science is making that less necessary with lamps that can mimic daylight better. 
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Jake Sharman

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Summer hours and other perks

As part of my role as a health and wellbeing advocate, I like to keep my eye out for perks and ideas that I can present to the group for consideration.

While it's too late for implementation this year, I find the idea of summer perks extremely attractive, especially for us here in England, where we spend so much of our life experiencing gloomier, darker weather.

One of the perks talked about is "summer hours", where employees are given as much as a whole day's worth of hours off per week to enjoy the summer whilst it's here. According to everything I've read, whilst it might appear to be detrimental to productivity to allow shorter work days/work weeks, it's actually a boon, as is offering flexible working hours and conditions.

The way we think about working is changing; much of that is due to the rise in digital applications that allow us to work from wherever we are using highly-portable gadgets like tablets, notebooks, and smartphones. As someone who has always done best when allowed to set my own working strategies with a focus on results, I find this new trend of allowing people freedom of expression in how they work incredibly exciting.

#healthandwellbeing   #working   #perks   #productivity  

Another useful link discussing a summer hour HR policy:
Businesses are failing to provide the perks that can help employee productivity and motivation during the summer months, claims a new survey
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I agree re: the construction industry as in those who work on construction sites. But there is a part of the industry (like mine) that works in offices. This would work well for them.
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Jake Sharman

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We humans are not always logical.

Understanding the processes behind the way we react and behave the way we do is no longer just the province of psychologists. Increasingly, it’s the remit of neuroscience to try and establish what is happening in our brains.

This article relates to the workplace and what is actually needed to nurture a happier and therefore more productive workforce.

Key to my mind is recognising that different people work differently, and there is simply no one-size-fits-all solution to how people should go about their job, even if it's the same job. Employees need the freedom to engage in their work in a way that suits them best.

What do you think?

#workplace   #psychology   #neuroscience  
Thomson Reuters is among organizations turning to neuroscience to help staff work better, learn better and feel better.
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I can rarely even figure out the most productive way to go about my own projects, let alone dictate the best way others should do things.
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Jake Sharman

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15 years on from 9/11, development work at New York's World Trade Center is well advanced. We explore the story of the site since 2001 in this must-watch documentary. Everyone remembers where they were on the morning of September 11 2001. The horror of that day will never be forgotten and its ...
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Jake Sharman

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Amazing photo of lightening striking near a church in Newcastle last night.
Thursday night's lightning storm led to a flurry of fantastic photographs, and this is one of our favourites
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Lightning, Lightening, Lighting, Nightwing....
Sorry, I got lost in there somewhere...
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Jake Sharman

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Constructing Excellence and BRE merger confirmed

From the press release:

Under the merger, BRE will maintain the distinctive CE brands, develop the network and add critical capacity in developing digital tools, delivering training and events and growing the international reach. It will also enable CE to achieve its long-term ambition of establishing a Constructing Excellence Foundation under the BRE Trust which would see trading profit channelled into research and education for the benefit of members.
The Directors of Constructing Excellence confirm that they have today agreed a merger with BRE. Further information is attached below. Don Ward remains chief executive and would like to thank all the Directors and others involved in the consultation process for the successful outcome. All look forward to an exciting future. More information will be provided …
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Jake Sharman

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Stressful time at work now less stressful due to falling out of chair laughing...

This is brilliant.
So. This, from Facebook...

Jesse Newton with Kelly McQueen Newton.
Yesterday at 19:23 · Little Rock, AR, United States ·

So, last week, something pretty tragic happened in our household. It's taken me until now to wrap my head around it and find the words to describe the horror. It started off simple enough - something that's probably happened to most of you.

Sometime between midnight and 1:30am, our puppy Evie pooped on our rug in the living room. This is the only time she's done this, so it's probably just because we forgot to let her out before we went to bed that night. Now, if you have a detective's mind, you may be wondering how we know the poop occurred between midnight and 1:30am. We were asleep, so how do I know that time frame?

Why, friends, that's because our Roomba runs at 1:30am every night, while we sleep. And it found the poop. And so begins the Pooptastrophe. The poohpocalypse. The pooppening.

If you have a Roomba, please rid yourself of all distractions and absorb everything I'm about to tell you.

Do not, under any circumstances, let your Roomba run over dog poop. If the unthinkable does happen, and your Roomba runs over dog poop, stop it immediately and do not let it continue the cleaning cycle. Because if that happens, it will spread the dog poop over every conceivable surface within its reach, resulting in a home that closely resembles a Jackson Pollock poop painting.

It will be on your floorboards. It will be on your furniture legs. It will be on your carpets. It will be on your rugs. It will be on your kids' toy boxes. If it's near the floor, it will have poop on it. Those awesome wheels, which have a checkered surface for better traction, left 25-foot poop trails all over the house. Our lovable Roomba, who gets a careful cleaning every night, looked like it had been mudding. Yes, mudding - like what you do with a Jeep on a pipeline road. But in poop.

Then, when your four-year-old gets up at 3am to crawl into your bed, you'll wonder why he smells like dog poop. And you'll walk into the living room. And you'll wonder why the floor feels slightly gritty. And you'll see a brown-encrusted, vaguely Roomba-shaped thing sitting in the middle of the floor with a glowing green light, like everything's okay. Like it's proud of itself. You were still half-asleep until this point, but now you wake up pretty damn quickly.

And then the horror. Oh the horror.

So, first you clean the child. You scrub the poop off his feet and put him back in bed. But you don't bother cleaning your own feet, because you know what's coming. It's inevitable, and it's coming at you like a freight train. Some folks would shrug their shoulders and get back in bed to deal with it in the morning. But you're not one of those people - you can't go to sleep with that war zone of poop in the living room.

So you clean the Roomba. You toss it in the bathtub to let it soak. You pull it apart, piece-by-piece, wondering at what point you became an adult and assumed responsibility for 3:30am-Roomba-disassembly-poop-cleanups. By this point, the poop isn't just on your hands - it's smeared up to your elbows. You already heard the Roomba make that "whirlllllllllllllllll-boop-hisssssssss" noise that sounds like electronics dying, and you realize you forgot to pull the battery before getting it wet. More on that later.

Oh, and you're not just using profanity - you're inventing new types of profanity. You're saying things that would make Satan shudder in revulsion. You hope your kid stayed in bed, because if he hears you talking like this, there's no way he's not ending up in prison.

Then you get out the carpet shampooer. When you push it up to the rug - the rug that started it all - the shampooer just laughs at you. Because that rug is going in the trash, folks. But you shampoo it anyway, because your wife loved that damn rug, and you know she'll ask if you tried to clean it first.

Then you get out the paper towel rolls, idly wondering if you should invest in paper towel stock, and you blow through three or four rolls wiping up poop. Then you get the spray bottle with bleach water and hose down the floor boards to let them soak, because the poop has already dried. Then out comes the steam mop, and you take care of those 25-ft poop trails.

And then, because it's 6am, you go to bed. Let's finish this tomorrow, right?

The next day, you finish taking the Roomba apart, scraping out all the tiny flecks of poop, and after watching a few Youtube instructional videos, you remove the motherboard to wash it with a toothbrush. Then you bake it in the oven to dry. You put it all back together, and of course it doesn't work. Because you heard the "whirlllllllllllllll-boop-hissssssss" noise when it died its poopy death in the bathtub. But you hoped that maybe the Roomba gods would have mercy on you.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. After spending a week researching how to fix this damn $400 Roomba without spending $400 again - including refurb units, new motherboards, and new batteries - you finally decide to call the place where you bought it. That place called Hammacher Schlemmer. They have a funny name, but they have an awesome warranty. They claim it's for life, and it's for any reason.

So I called them and told the truth. My Roomba found dog poop and almost precipitated World War III.

And you know what they did? They offered to replace it. Yes, folks. They are replacing the Roomba that ran over dog poop and then died a poopy, watery death in the bathtub - by no fault of their own, of course.

So, mad props to Hammacher Schlemmer. If you're buying anything expensive, and they sell it, I recommend buying it from them. And remember - don't let your Roomba run over dog poop.

iRobot Hammacher Schlemmer
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Next year, new features coming. Roombas will now come equipped with an optional pooper-scooper attachment.
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Jake Sharman

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NBS has been working with Autodesk to become the first UK Autodesk Solution Associate. In this article for, +Stephen Hamil tells us about the journey thus far.

#nbscis   #collaboration  
NBS recently became the first UK organisation to become an Autodesk Solution Associate following years of hard work and collaboration via the Autodesk Developer Network. Here we take a look at developments.
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Jake Sharman

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Carbon management in infrastructure
an article discussing PAS 2080

My latest (I think) article appearing on

#carbonmanagement   #infrastructure   #nbscis  
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Too bad, though, that the details of the specification are only available at a cost.
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I love these people! When my sweet-but-misguided husband decided to put our axolotl in a tank with corydoras, and she got one stuck in her mouth, we were distraught as to what to do. The cory's barbs were sticking too far through Axel's mouth for us to get it out without serious damage. I phoned Cestria, who had us come pretty much straight away. Everyone there fawned over Axel and showed concern for her predicament. Alan, their 'exotic pet' vet had just come in from dealing with a prolapse calf birth. He cleaned up quickly and attended to Axel with both professionalism and loving care. Basically, Cestria saved our pet; she'd have died if not for their efforts... and, they asked that we phone and let them know how she's doing, which I thought was wonderful. It's been a long time since I've been to a vet clinic that felt so full of heart. Everyone there is simply amazing.
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The review my husband wrote for Checked & Vetted sums it up for me: The Automatic Rollador Showroom, aka Rollador Shutters Shunderland, owned by Wayne Brooke, displays the Checked & Vetted logo on their website. However, they are not a member of Checked & Vetted. On the day that they were due to fit the roller shutter, they were over an hour late. It was clear from the start that they were under pressure to finish quickly. The fitters were incompetent, they used crowbars to remove things that could have simply been unscrewed, and one of them even managed to injure the other. They weren’t very happy that I was around; they wanted me to leave while they worked. They apparently had someone waiting to take my old door away, because it was gone before I could even tell them that I wanted to keep it. They didn’t ask me to quality check any of their work, although “you were okay with it on the day” became an all too familiar excuse for the atrocious customer service that followed. They signed off the work themselves. After they left, I noticed that the way the shutter was fitted was a security issue. I contacted Wayne (the owner) via the email address listed as a contact point on his website straight away and attached photos of the problem. He ignored my email, so I sent another two weeks later. This time, he responded with a promise that his fitters would come by. They never showed up and no one phoned to follow up. When we chased the company for a response, one of the fitters got defensive and blamed us for their failure to reply. According to him, they were under no obligation to monitor or respond to email or even make a phone call once they were made aware that there was an issue. He never apologised, and when asked about sorting the security problem, he defended the work and the only offer he made was to come down and explain why he thought the shutter was okay the way it was. We sought a second and third opinion and showed the photos. We were told that it was not okay, the roller shutter was compromised, and a repair was needed. At this point, another Rollador fitter offered an unacceptable solution. When we rejected that idea, the fitters washed their hands of the matter. By now, over a month had passed, and we still hadn’t heard from the owner. We had a professional from another company come to our home and take a look at the door. He confirmed that the shutter fit was faulty and informed us of an easy, cheap, acceptable solution. He explained that it would cost Rollador nothing in materials, and labour would be less than half an hour. When we proposed this repair to Wayne, we were met with a tirade followed by a refusal to do the work unless we paid extra for it. EDIT: After threatening them with small claims court, Wayne decided to repair the door at no cost to us.
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