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Jake Sharman
Gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi ~ Absurdity has become necessity
Gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi ~ Absurdity has become necessity

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Social media and work
we're doing it right

In a very forward-thinking move by the company, the work's social media ban has been lifted, and we are now allowed to incorporate work and play. It's a huge sign of trust and respect, and something that I believe will prove positive for the business. 

This change of policy goes hand in hand with our office refurbishment, which will introduce a new way of working that includes a healthy social element – with things like break-out spaces and the ability for more of us to work from places other than our desks.

Studies show that people who are allowed more freedom in how they do their work are happier, healthier and more productive. Our company has heard and they have listened.

If you want to stay connected on Twitter as well as here, follow me as @jessharcat. We can tweet about all teh things. :)

And, of course, you can find me on LinkedIn as well....

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My boy on his blanket. I was making two, but now that brother is gone, I brought this one out. He seems to approve. 

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#Biomimicry  in action.

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Knees. Just because. Knees. 

Have gone back to Android. So G+ and Hangout mobile capable again after two years.

Get ready to get tired of me. I missed you guys.


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Your own personal living wall.

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Amazing photo of lightening striking near a church in Newcastle last night.

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