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[New] posting habits

During the working day, I'm all about the construction industry. Nights and weekends, I enjoy talking about lots of other things, including current events and anything geek, nerd, or bookworm related.

When let loose, I can expatiate with the best of them.

Usual disclaimer: Any views expressed here are my own.
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Voçe. E. linda 
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Jake Sharman

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Tree lined roads make for happier, healthier people

Carrying on from previous discussions, here is yet more research showing that people need nature around them to be at their healthiest and best both physically and emotionally.

This particular research was led by a group from the University of Chicago. It finds that people who live in neighbourhoods with more trees enjoy better overall health and well-being. (And yes, the report does take into account the fact that wealthier people tend to live in greener areas.)

From the article:

Specifically, they found that having 10 more trees in a city block improves health perception in ways that are comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000, or being seven years younger.

They also found that having 11 more trees in a block correlates with improvements in cardio-metabolic health that are comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $20,000.

On a personal note, I have recently moved from treeless city streets to an area filled with trees, and surrounded by fields, small forest areas, and two nearby parks. The mental effect that has had is notable. After a short two and a half-weeks, I am less stressed, have a better sense of well-being, and suffer less with depressed feelings.

We need trees, folks; not just for the air that we breath, but for our very sense of well being.

#trees   #health   #construction   #infrastructure   #wellbeing  
Research suggests astonishing health benefits of tree-lined roads. 1 September 2015 | By David Rogers. facebook · twitter · gplus · linkedin. A team of researchers led by academics from the University of Chicago have found that the presence of trees in the urban environment has a dramatic effect ...
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I grew up in the inner city, but on a tree lined street. I needs my trees.
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Jake Sharman

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Psychology and the built environment

With over 50% of the world's population living in cities, and that number is steadily rising, it is imperative that we look to psychology to advise us how to best meet the needs of the people living there. Of course, the best place to start is with the homes that these people live in. Cramming people into tower flats, much like those we see in science fiction films, are proven to have a negative effect on people's behaviour. So, why are we building them?

And it's not just high rises: _Any housing project that mucks up the design elements will create an unpleasant and possibly dangerous environment._

All people need green space, and therefore, accessible, large communal green spaces are an imperative part of any group housing design. So, once again, the future is not tall, lifeless glass and metal tower blocks but spaces where nature is interwoven into everything.

#construction   #architecture   #builtenvironment   #psychology   #wellbeing  

The book Psychology for Architects was published in the 1970s. Have its lessons been implemented over the past few decades?
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I grew up in a city. But living in the rainforest now keeps my crazy at manageable levels
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Jake Sharman

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How are we doing with BIM?

#BIM   #UK   #NBS  
NBS National BIM Report 2015
Last week we published our free-to-download UK BIM Report that looks into the adoption trends and attitudes in the UK. - There were some interesting findings, my take on two or thre...
Last week we published our free-to-download UK BIM Report that looks into the adoption trends and attitudes in the UK. - There were some interesting...
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Jake Sharman

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Rammed earth
the old becomes new

The ancient building method known as rammed earth is seeing a revival, as more and more people look for more natural and sustainable ways to create domestic dwellings.

In a nutshell, rammed earth is a mixture of earth, sand, gravel and clay plus some kind of stabilizer that is then compressed and moulded to create a wall. As it dries and cures, the compression strength of the wall increases, creating a structure that has the potential to last for centuries.

The environmental impact of rammed earth is the lowest of any materials that are readily, commercially available. Its high thermal mass means that building with rammed earth reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling. Because rammed earth structures use local materials, there is very little waste. Of course, much of this depends upon the specific manufacturing process, but the potential is definitely there.

Because creating domestic dwellings from rammed earth is significantly less expensive than using other materials, the potential benefits of using it go beyond the environmental: homes for the homeless, proper shelter for refugees, affordable housing during a time when we are in great need of such.

These 12 temporary dwellings (via the link) provided for cowboys working a cattle station in Australia illustrate the potential of rammed earth. These particular dwellings are subterranean, which helps with cooling in the hot, Australian climate.

It fascinates and delights me to see projects like there, where we are re-embracing building methods that are more earth-friendly. It also serves to bolster my belief that the vision of the future is not the tall, soulless towers of science fiction but of dwellings and workplaces that combine technology and nature in a way that roots us to Mother Earth whilst letting us still soar to the stars.

#architecture   #rammedearth   #Australia  
Submerged below a sandy bank and enclosed by a rammed-earth wall, these subterranean rooms provide accommodation for cowboys on an Australian cattle station
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Awesome that makes great insulation two 
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Jake Sharman

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A walk along the seaside on a sunny Saturday afternoon. 

The lighthouse restoration is coming along...

#Sunderland   #England   #UK  
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Yet another +myHermes UK fail.

If you recall, last time there were three blank cards put through the door, with no information provided as to who the package was for or how to arrange for collection or redelivery. (

This time, I got two blank cards put through yesterday, and when I checked the tracking information, I saw that delivery attempt had been made on Thursday and Friday, and that a third and final attempt would be made on Saturday.

This morning, I specifically delay my walk in order to be here when that third attempt is made. At 11 am, I decide to check the tracking information. This is what it shows: A final delivery attempt was made at 8:22 am this morning. I was home at 8:22 am. No one knocked on my door. There is no card indicating that a courier had been by, blank or otherwise.

Now, the shoes that I wanted for next week are headed back to +Clarks, without my ever having been provided one single way to get them.

People work. Things happen. A parcel delivery service must take this into account and be willing to provide alternatives means, be it a telephone number or website to arrange for redelivery or a location from which to collect the parcel in person. 

This is unacceptable. Had I known that My Hermes was the courier being used, I'd have ordered my shoes elsewhere.

#parceldelivery   #fail   #myhermes   #uk  

+Clarks USA 
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Yeah, I did too. I have a lot of their shoes.
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Architect Zaha Hadid has become the first woman to receive the Royal Gold Medal (2016) in her own right.

She adds this to a lot of awards and a lot of firsts:

In 2004, Zaha became the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and she has won the RIBA Stirling Prize twice.

In 2010, she won for the Maxxi Museum in Rome, and in 2011 for the Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton. 

In 2014, when the the Heydar Aliyev Centre won the Design Museum Design of the Year award, Zaha became the first woman to win top prize in that competition.

The Royal Gold Metal is awarded for lifetime achievement by the Royal Institute of British Architects, and is personally approved by the Queen.

Her designs include the 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre in London,  the Riverside Museum, which is part of the Museum of Transport in Glasgow, and the Cardiff Bay Opera House. Other notable works include The Peak in Hong Kong, Kurfurstendamm in Berlin, the Bridge in Zaragoza, Spain, and the Guangzhou Opera House.

#architecture   #womeninarchitecture   #RIBA  
Royal Gold Medal 2016 - Zaha Hadid. The Royal Institute of British Architects have announced that the globally-renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid will receive the 2016 Royal Gold Medal, the first woman to be awarded the prestigious honour in her own right.
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Critics note that feasibility may be an issue, citing the architect’s record with a London skyscraper known for blowing over pedestrians and lighting cars on fire.

Barring the sceptical amusement that comes with that sentence, I do love the idea. I can't wait to see if it comes to fruition.

As I've said so many times, this to my mind, is the vision of the future. A place where nature, mankind and technology co-exist beautifully.
World's Largest Green Roof to Span City Blocks |

The first good use of the Vallco site in some time.
Aiming to turn Cupertino into the green center of Silicon Valley, this expansive green roof design rolls over 30 acres of central urban real estate, capping a massive mixed-use redevelopment projec...
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It's waiting when you're ready ;)

Well, assuming I don't lose my house...
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Remembering those who lost their lives in the blitz

My adopted city Sunderland was a target for the Luftwaffe. As a major shipbuilding port, the Germans were keen to do major damage, and today, you can still see the scars; not just in the landscape, but in the heart of the city itself.

Sadly, it was a blow that the city never has really recovered from, perhaps largely due to another, different kind of war waged on it by Thatcher a short three decades later.

h/t +LD Williams 

#war   #WWII   #theblitz   #UK   #shipbuilding   #Thatcherism  
Seventy-five years ago we witnessed some of the deadliest air strikes on our nation.

During that time 43,000 lives were lost and many more were injured. Mark your respect today by sharing this post to remember all those who made a great sacrifice for our country.
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Plymouth was flattened & Portsmouth just about destroyed but what we have to take into consideration is that British media is mainly London based and the BBC then and now very Londoncentric which continues to this day. 
The Blitz era propoganda Film London Can Take it (a hit film states side) was to be shown in British cinemas under that title until the provincial towns and cities complained.
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My newest discovery.

I've been going walkabout on weekends, and today I found this. I also found a fairy forest, complete with trolls living under a stone bridge... but, of course, I can't share photos of that because it's my new bestest secret place.
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Yay for a secret faerie forest
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A photo from my walk at Barnes Park in Sunderland yesterday. That odd-looking tree in the middle is called a Monkey Puzzle tree.

Happy Monday, Googleverse. How was everyone's weekend? Any exciting plans for the week?

I'll be finishing up an article and news bytes for submission on Thursday. I'm also going to try and get in a few core workout sessions in. Of course, there will be lots of walking, and maybe a new pair of shoes to replace the ones that Clarks and My Hermes never managed to get to me.

#Sunderland   #England   #UK   #walking   #pretty  
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Kathy P
+Jake Sharman
Yeah, we're never tiling again.
In fact, we were so fed up with it by the time we finished the floor, we decided to not do real tile for the backslash.
We used Smart Tiles, peel and stick squares of faux mosaic.
It looks great!
And it was so easy to do.
Plus, if someone didn't like it, all they have to do is peel it off the wall.
Part of the fed up with tile was because we didn't have the right consistency (the directions are vague, and we followed them) and I had to scrape grout out of about 120sq ft of tiled floor.
My rec to anyone who will be tiling is
For us it cost about the same as we had paid for the mix and the Boost (sealer you mix in, instead of water), but without all the work. And you don't have to use it all up once you open it. You just place plastic wrap on it, and put the lid back on.
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The review my husband wrote for Checked & Vetted sums it up for me: The Automatic Rollador Showroom, aka Rollador Shutters Shunderland, owned by Wayne Brooke, displays the Checked & Vetted logo on their website. However, they are not a member of Checked & Vetted. On the day that they were due to fit the roller shutter, they were over an hour late. It was clear from the start that they were under pressure to finish quickly. The fitters were incompetent, they used crowbars to remove things that could have simply been unscrewed, and one of them even managed to injure the other. They weren’t very happy that I was around; they wanted me to leave while they worked. They apparently had someone waiting to take my old door away, because it was gone before I could even tell them that I wanted to keep it. They didn’t ask me to quality check any of their work, although “you were okay with it on the day” became an all too familiar excuse for the atrocious customer service that followed. They signed off the work themselves. After they left, I noticed that the way the shutter was fitted was a security issue. I contacted Wayne (the owner) via the email address listed as a contact point on his website straight away and attached photos of the problem. He ignored my email, so I sent another two weeks later. This time, he responded with a promise that his fitters would come by. They never showed up and no one phoned to follow up. When we chased the company for a response, one of the fitters got defensive and blamed us for their failure to reply. According to him, they were under no obligation to monitor or respond to email or even make a phone call once they were made aware that there was an issue. He never apologised, and when asked about sorting the security problem, he defended the work and the only offer he made was to come down and explain why he thought the shutter was okay the way it was. We sought a second and third opinion and showed the photos. We were told that it was not okay, the roller shutter was compromised, and a repair was needed. At this point, another Rollador fitter offered an unacceptable solution. When we rejected that idea, the fitters washed their hands of the matter. By now, over a month had passed, and we still hadn’t heard from the owner. We had a professional from another company come to our home and take a look at the door. He confirmed that the shutter fit was faulty and informed us of an easy, cheap, acceptable solution. He explained that it would cost Rollador nothing in materials, and labour would be less than half an hour. When we proposed this repair to Wayne, we were met with a tirade followed by a refusal to do the work unless we paid extra for it. EDIT: After threatening them with small claims court, Wayne decided to repair the door at no cost to us.
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