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If you haven't seen the cellphone video of the shooting of Kajieme Powell by police just a few miles from where Michael Brown was killed, the significance of that footage on YouTube is to me as much of a milestone as the recording of the Rodney King beating by police.

Protecting human rights and spreading information revolution, while it sounds corny, is something I sincerely believe in and have been proud to be a part of in some small way ever since I started working at Danger in 2005 on software for the hiptop / T-Mobile Sidekick, an early smartphone with an app store, flip-out QWERTY keyboard, web browser, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, IM clients, IRC clients, camera, and everything else you'd need to start a revolution anywhere you can get coverage and charge the battery. :)
The standoff in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson has had Americans, and many around the world, glued to their various screens. Two weeks after the shooting of teenager Mike Brown by a police officer, the Missouri National Guard is retreating from the city and the protests seem to be settling down. But the unrest…
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