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10 Minutes - That's how long it took me to remember some of the most valuable things in life. In 10 short minutes, I was emotionally energized! I want to go do something nice for someone.

We are so quick to take things for granted. Not just in our own lives, but in others, too. You're right, you may be fighting an ongoing battle. Uphill. One you feel you will never win. But someone, somewhere, has it worse. And yet, they manage to find that one thing, that tiny piece of the puzzle, that allows them to see the light. Don't take your problems out on others. Anyone can be negative. It's up to you to be positive.

It's up to you to - Be the change

This is such an amazing story! In 10 minutes - I saw so many lessons that I take for granted ~
Children do have it tough.
Everyone is different.
Life isn't fair.
Sometimes, the only positive force, has to come from you.
Family. Family is the strongest bond.
If you love them, show them. Tell them.
Be kind. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.
It's okay for a man to cry <----- don't pay any attention to that.

Now...I must make a Zero doll.
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I remember seeing Zero before and it has become a favorite and I agree with you +Jake Easley , sometimes we get caught up in the outside world that we forget all those little precious things in life and being positive to loved ones and ourselves.
Great message and reminder to us all I <3 it!

Was that a flying turd my little eye spied? LOL.. oh I couldn't help it. Seriously though, awesome share!
Yes, learn how to live with each other and give comfort to our brothers. love.
clever liked 0@o hope they lived happy ever after
may all your nothings amount to something, in other words...Nice !
How about that?

YOU ladies and gents pushed this into the What's Hot! It's nice to see good news there. Thanks for sharing and so glad you are enjoying :)
sooooooooo sad:(......... but sooooooo movining and motivational (soorry about spelling but u guys get it......... right, well i hope)
It's true, something so AMAZING came be created out of complete nothing, and can be eternal. (infinite) It's LIFE, the laws of physics.
what a great short film
Exactly, +Leah Sutton!

Never apologize for your spelling +Alexandra Janssen! We understand perfectly.

I carry that number too +Johnny Webb. But I choose to keep it in my pocket.

I think instead of feeling so sad for Zero, we need to realize that, that could be any one of us. Just remember to be yourself, and be happy.
OMG I love this short glad to know I'm not along XD
Yea you right i know someone that has it way worse than me im not bad off i have a lot to be thankful for for one my beautiful kids some ppl can not even have kids
Omg that was like so awesome i loved it and it was such a beautiful little story.
That has to be one the most twisted and creepiest things I have ever seen. A two headed string boy?
It's about the message +Ricardo DaSilva. What if that two headed string boy was yours? I guarantee you would want society to pass along the message of this video, and not pass you just did.
eleven minutes of suck, one minute of WTF! and be honest with yourselves, in a society THAT driven by image, people would have called the baby a two headed freak with a sideways 8 thus making it more abnormal. Sorry to be the only one seeing the whole picture.
Everyone has the right to enjoy the life and this world. People, who think themselves kind and beautiful or as the elites, sometimes or often hurt the others emotionally because of the difference, the more terrible is that they are passing on this behavior and concept to their children. Difference forms into the individualism, no matter physical, spiritual, racial, etc.
I am being completely honest with myself, +Clint Compean. I accept people for who they are. Regardless of appearance, race, religion, financial status...or any other thing that may sway my judgement. No judgement is passed until I have interacted with you, and am able to judge your character.

People are made to believe they are freaks, or different, because others, like yourself, tell them that's what they are. The "whole picture" here, is that we make up society, but we have the opportunity as individuals, to be better than the whole.
Too sad to see they are still in the same prejudice and persecution. How can you say oo is the most magnificent? Of course, pi is the god!
This was so touching! It kind of reminded me the time of segregation, all men and women should be treated equally.
wow .... amazing... just like little big planet
is infinity the highest number or is there a infinity 1,2,3 and keep going
Awwww! ZERO is my HERO!!!!...hehehe! *what? -too cheezie?
q.q i hope this has a happy ending
best story line eva
numbers negative or positive the middle heart of numbers is "ZERO"
zero was lovely, it was sad but yet still it was ah-mazing. i liked it a lot 2 thumbs up !!
ahhhh so cute and funny with the yarn people!!
Cj G
an important life lesson was learned hear today never judge a person by his race never judge a person by his number
ohh you are soo right there but good there are still ppl NOT giving up this fight....what reason they ever have .. hehe...WTG thanks for showing me there are more out there thinking like me :)
Very thought provoking and inspirational. To all the haters get a grip and look at the meaning and purpose and not how much you can pick apart a short film with a very deep, figurative and positive message.

+Srikar Surapaneni why do you and 99% of the other ass hats on google+ that spread hate and seem to have no profile picture and act if America and the diverse population, culture, people and the multiethnicnal families and society that make up the population of America "the land of the free" are the oppressive scum that is wrong in the world? Get a grip, and a clue!! I don't point the finger at any your country or any other nation condemning them because of your ignorant or jaded views or even other nations jacked up governments. Just to save you the rebuttal before this goes any further " I know and will not deny that America's government has its own flaws and problems. However, I will not be killed or threatened to be killed or invaded for feeling or saying that unlike many other countries." just saying

+Jake Easley Sorry bout the little rant there and thanks for the post of "ZERO". Once very thought provoking and
i think rasism of the public should be against the law cause ppl should be judged on whats on the inside not what color there skin is.
I think the false charge of racism should be against the law as well.
truly magnificent !!!
I think the string people look like the little figures from little big planet the sack people... love that game
I loved the message. Thanks for reminding me to keep my head up when things go wrong. This just proves to me that there are people out there who wants the same as me- peace, love, happiness, etc.
That was amazing.
I love that everyone is watching this! I've posted this about three or four times now and a while back I said that I hoped 1M people would see this (and more). This is fantastic! It's truly one of my favourite animated short films. :-)
every man get at least one importunity in life.
i love this short. Originally I've spotted it on the vimeo channel.
Made me feel the same+made my day!!!!!thnx 4 sharig it,bless u
wonderful!! magnificent! awesome!! fantastic! extraordinary!.....etc etc etc you get the picture ,thanks so much for sharing this !
Kind of funny ending, but agree it's awesome !
That was wonderful and presentation was awesome...
This is the most beautiful video I've ever seen!
+Jake Easley you missed my point COMPLETELY! I am not the people I am refering to. I am stating that regardless of how nice we as parents are or how high and mighty you think you are, people always have and always will judge. Children are the worst offenders. They are wicked and cruel and can cause life long mental injury. I see what the video is doing, but I am stating that no matter how nice we want everyone to be, there will always be status conscious people to bring them down. This video imo nailed that. The first 11 minutes was still a suckfest though, no changing that.
i love this mmmmmmm.....
Wow.......I was not fully ready when I saw the post about this video....not sure what to say but wow.
Es muy lindo, triste y esta buenísimo sobre todo si entiendes el mensaje... Gracias
La historia de Cero es la historia de cada uno de nosotros en diferentes instancias de la vida. Siempre habrá diferencias de pensamiento y de modelo de existencia y eso no quiere decir que no pertenezcamos a este bello mundo.
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