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What Time Is It?

Hope everyone has a kick ass weekend!
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As long as it's O'Doul's, +Ricardo Williams.

That's good and scary, +Isabelle Fortin :)

This pretty much sums up my whole day +Samir Osman. I pretty much put this into play about 30 seconds after opening the wedding files I'm supposed to be working on.
Bwahahaha! Just came back home after clock showed this! LOL
3 minutes until 5pm on a Friday. I tend to agree :)
That's what I think when the last bell of school rings.
Naj roh
That's exactly what i say.
Thank fuck he isn't in charge of not dropping hammers on nuclear warheads.
now i want a poster like that
An elegant phrase that speaks for millions! ;0)
Fuck this shit o'clock dude. That's some funny shit, i'm ginna use it but i'll give you credit. I like fuck em all o'clock as well.
Just awesome. Because it is that time...wait I still have to work tomorrow morning!! Grrrrrr
Nik SM
Florence, you live in a world where not everyone holds the same opinion. Deal with it. Oh, sorry. Fucking deal with it.
Florence, fuck off, seriously. They're words, just words. And after pretending to give a shit about people's petty little problems all day, I feel I've earned not only my measly paycheck, but the God Damn right to say "FUCK THIS SHIT!"!!! Am I a not nice person? Suck my clit, how's that for nice! My friends all think I'm nice, I think I'm the shit, and I could care less who dislikes my Mother fucking dirty fucking mouth!
Nik SM
If you don't like it, then don't subscribe. :)
Stephen, Florance, what we going to censor the web?! Want to see what is SO AWESOME about the internet? Load a page you don't like, preferably one with the word "fuck" in it, like this one! See that bar at the top, has an address in it? Type ANY OTHER ADDRESS THERE! Look! Poof! Profanity is gone! Have a nice fucking day!
Nik SM
Heather, then close the fucking window.
LOL. cant get enough of human character
that is funny in a stupid way!! omg, lol
My only problem is that I store photos of furniture for my work on Google+, and if I'm in front of a customer and I'm opening it up, and something like this is on there, there's a briefly awkward moment there where I furiously try to get to the photos section. Anybody now how to make "Photos" the default window that opens? I don't have a problem with this card; in fact, I just forwarded it to several friends, cuz I think it's hysterical...and SO apropoh, but the whole "professional" thing is a problem for me... ';-))
Yes indeed. It is time to let the party begin.
Bob, you have an absolutely great point. This image clearly has adult humor yet shows up on my feed. At the very least there should be a way to filter this type of content.
You mean your former boss Basstation?
+Psachno Alethia I'm opinionated and sick and tired of people banning, censoring, and illegalizing shit until we nerf the whole fucking country and only the cunts who "swear" with the word "sugar" and use "oh gosh" because god apparently doesn't like if we think of him in shock or surprise, will ever be happy. That's why!
I dare any one of you to yell that out on you way out of work next time you leave work. Can you imagine the CEO of some company yelling this out as he sprints out the door?
+Rebecca Combies has just become my favorite person for today and the rest of the weekend and probably the whole month of MAY!!! Yes BAM!!!
Was SO feelin' like this yesterday...which was my Friday.
+Jake Easley ... you have trolls. Dude. You've so arrived.
Remember us wee folk, will ya? ;-)
I heart you like a Southern Girl hearts sweet tea and biscuits. ♥
Hahahahaa my 7 o' clock hour on Fridays. Right click>save image as. Thank you!
WTF +Ricardo Williams !??! Am I not your favorite person all day, every day? LOL.

Wow, this thread sure took a nose dive. Mr. Easely is FUCKING AMAZEBALLS! I'm pretty sure if you don't like what he says or the content he posts, uncircle him.

I love how a 'fuck' fight erupts and Easy E sits back and silently laughs at all the stupidity....
Love it! For all the times I type "LOL" ... I actually did LOL pretty hard this time.
How about Looks like it's Get kicked in the coinpurse with authority. o'clock. OR Kindly shut your fucking biscuit hole o'clock. OR How bout Fuck off to the Great White North o'clock.
+Lisa Rose you play in another league... you are in a league of your own with the rest of the quality people ..... no need to remind you that ... do I?? I also have to give the props to the newcomers :)
Ah shucks... people like you are the reason I stick around..... Cheers friends :)
That's a really dumb picture that was posted!!!!!! >:(
hahahahahaha................fuckin bt actually so funnyyyyyyyy
Looking forward to fuck this shit o'clock 
you guys are so dumb!!!!! >=(
watch your language!!!!!! >=( *and don't make fun of what i said!!!! man, you guys are such idiots..........>=p *And, I know for a fact that God would certainly not approve of any of this! Plus, since all of you are not Christians, (I believe in Jesus Christ!) all you guys will go to hell. that's the truth. i ain't lyin'!!
+Julia Strobush Who's sounding like an idiot now, Julia? If you truly believed in the ACTUAL Jesus Christ, instead of the repressed one you've created in your own simple mind, you'd know that people that use bad language don't actually go to hell just for using bad language. As long as they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and request forgiveness of their sins, they still get to go to Heaven. They could do a lot worse things than swearing and still go to heaven. People who use (abuse, acutally) Jesus Christ to promote (and I use the term loosely), their own repressed, simple-minded, judgmental prudish beliefs are every bit as guilty of contradicting Jesus' word as the people who you suggest are going to hell for doing something as harmless as using "bad" language. The only inappropriate language that's actually considered sinful is using God's name in vain (and all you have to do to atone is just ask...for forgiveness). Jesus is ACTUALLY loving and forgiving, not judgmental and prudish. So called "Christians", who are human, and therefore prone to altering Jesus' true message are every bit as guilty as the people they purport to call "sinners" of desecrating Jesus' actual intent...
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