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Anyone need a quality chef for hire in the Pittsburgh area?
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Sorry I don't off hand but will keep you in mind.
There ya go & I agree Cranberry IS an excellent place for possibilities. 8-)
That is where I work now, Cranberry Woods Business Park. I live right outside of Mars, so it is a quick commute for me. I have experience in Italian deli's, I was assistant kitchen manager for Gabriella's in Gibsonia, owned by the people who owned the North Park Deckhouse. It was a bad location, so it closed, (opened right next to a Panera Bread and tried to sell sandwiches) but that is something I definitely know my way around.
OK, I'll check into a few things & let you know if I shake out anything. In the meantime, good luck! 8-)
That's a bit far for me, but hey, beggars cant be choosers.
Personally, I think Butler could use a decent place. It's odd that if Butlerites want something besides Natili's, they have to go to Cranberry. Or a few places on Zelie. Or the Brewery in Slippery Rock. Make it cheap comfort food. There is a growing proliferation of gourmet grilled cheese and craft beer joints here in Ohio that seen to be doing gangbusters.
Considering right now I only drive 10-12 minutes to work every day, tacking on that extra 25 to 35 minutes, plus turnpike toll, eh, that would be a lot, any extra in salary would get lost in gas and tolls.
That sounds fantastic. oh, you mean I do the cooking? lol, I want to do the latter...
Actually THAT is NOT such a BAD idea! Westinghouse DOES something like that in their cafeteria. You can order your dinner & pick it up on your way out. Why not do something like that for some of the other businesses in the area that have professionals??
ONLY If it had an auto=shut off along with the timer, otherwise it's a pipe-dream +Dana Greco
i would love that big jake but were kinda stuck in florida hahaha
That would be a fantastic idea, and I had something like that in place in my last job. But the problem is capital. It takes so much money to get something started, using a professional kitchen...etc.

But, no excuses, right?
Go out & pitch it to a couple of smaller firms, you might find some takers if you have some costs. 8-)
Hey Jake, my dad and I made Pasta Crostonia for dinner tonight, with a special touch of leftover steak from last night, its so good:):)
Is there enough room in downtown for another food truck?
You know +Jake Croston there was a local company called "Fairy GodMother" or something like that that used to provide services for professional people, whatever they needed, meal delivery was one of them, perhaps you could look into hooking up with something like that??? Another thought you can sometimes rent space & time in professional kitchens, that way you have the equipment without the overhead. I'm not sure how prevalent that is in our area though, but worth checking into.
I don't know if they're hiring, but
1. There's a bakery going in the spot where the coffee shop was on Main St, Evans City.
2. Across the street from there, there will be some kind of spice store.
3. There's a Brewery opening in downtown Butler. Sounds like it's the old Hot Dog Shop on Jefferson.
And then, of course it may be worth checking at the Harmony Inn or Kaufmann House (if it ever reopens). North Country Brewing seems a little overwhelmed at times, too.
Hey dude i saw that vid of you with the pan know that was awesome spining it on ur finger thats cool
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