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Featured Foodie Friday

Hi Folks!! Missed out on sharing this last week, so sorry! Here is the weekly hidden gems circle of fantastic foodies, bloggers, recipe developers that have much to offer on G+!! #F3  

+Mix Vixen Makes a mean cocktail. +Nikki Crome's mega-mixologist alter ego, she uses her creativity and experience in making custom delicious cocktails that will make you kick back with ease. Not only can you see her delicious drinks on the page, if you live in the Chicago area, you can bring the Vixen to you and have her whip up concoctions that will amaze!

+Jenny Kelley is a fun, flavor loving gal, and her costumes and whimsical videos show you how to make delicious food and drinks! She is awesome to follow for themed parties, getting not only great food ideas, but how to transform yourself into a totally awesome fun, and flavor loving character! Check out her videos on YouTube!

+Joan Hayes will satisfy your chocolate fix, in more ways than you can keep up with! Her blog Chocolate Chocolate and More shows you how to whip up tasty baked goods that will make anyone drool. You'll never be without a sweet idea to show off after you see her succulent treats!

+Suzi Harr showcases creativity in vegetarian dishes. When you have to eat a vegetarian diet, it doesn't have to be bland, and Suzi shows you beautiful creations, well presented, that will win any carnivore over! Check out her blog Cooking's Good Vegetarian and see what you want to whip up!

+Jessica Chiasson Wood a fellow chef and Cajunlicious queen, makes fantastically scrumptious Cajun and creole style food. Just releasing a cookbook, she shows you how to throw it down, bayou style, making Cajun food somehow look even better than it usually does.

That's our list for this week!! Want to see even more fantastic foodies? Click #F3   and see all the past entries from myself and +Chef Dennis Littley!!

Happy Eating!
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Nice to see my talented friends featured this friday!
+Jake Croston thanks so much for including me! Off to share so others can find great foodies to follow and drool over!
Thanks for sharing the circle, just added the ones who are not on my list :)
What an honor! Thank you SO much +Jake Croston for featuring me! You and your words are so sweet - and means the world to me. Have a flavorful day! :) 
Thanks for the Share, I need to figure out how to do it :)
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