Plussers - Help Me Brighten Fellow Plusser Brian Moore's Day...  

Seeking the Power of the Plus for a Charitable Cause (and it will cost you nothing to participate)!   #PlusSupportForBrian   Not mentioning Brian's G+ name so that this has more meaning as a community...more on that if you read below.

I noticed a vague comment recently in the 'Nearby' section of G+ mobile. "Only sadness today," it stated. Without knowing more about Brian Moore's situation I commented back, "Chin up and head forward today."  A couple other wonderful Kansas City plussers wished Brian well, too, yet his response back to us seemed more dreary (see pic below of the post).  As I learned more about Brian from the little he has posted on his stream, I discovered his wife is suffering from Stage 4 Colon Cancer and as anyone whose experienced a loved one going through this, you suffer with them.  He has been documenting the hardships he's going through and clearly seeking an outlet to express this struggle he and his wife share together, posting updates on his wife, sharing pictures and trying to stay strong.  Yet it's obvious he feels alone so I thought to myself: 

How awesome would it be to see his post filled to the max (500 comments) with positive support, kind words and acknowledgment that he and his wife are not alone in this.  After all, its a very real human experience we all can relate to yet can feel so isolated by.

Will you help me send well wishes to Brian Moore by commenting on one of his most recent posts, specifically, with positive comments?  Comment on this post here with words of support: and/or RESHARE this post to to spread the word and help make this possible.

Notice I am not using a mention of Brian Moore's name.  I don't want this to be from me, rather I'd like to see this as a charitable cause from a whole community together, The Google+ Community.  I'm just a channel and would ask that you help channel this with me by commenting on Brian's post, resharing or both.

So who is Brian Moore?  Do you want to know more? See profile here:  To be honest I do not know him personally - the primary reason I want this to be a community initiative.  Based on his profile pic he obviously has a sense of humor lol Zombie Outbreak Response Team :)   Since learning of his wife's illness in a late stage, he has been open about his ordeal on G+.  He hasn't posted much until recently - maybe no more than 25 posts. Furthermore, he has only one person in his circles and only 6 have circled him back.  IMO this even more reason to send him well wishes as part of a larger community to let him know he's not alone and that this is a wonderful place to be.  Have you noticed the trending theme here?  Community.   :)

Again, lets send well wishes to Brian Moore as a community.  Please use his recent post ( and share kind words of support, encouragement and strenght.  

P.S.  I woke up today feeling compelled to make a positive impact, no matter how big or small, once learning more about Brian Moore.  Feel free to re-post any of this in your own words as well rather than reshare if you'd like.  If you do, use the hashtag #PlusSupportForBrian .  I'm not concerned with this specific post being shared numerous times as much as I'd like to see his specific post filled with positive support.  
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