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Jake Croston

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Contact the OP if you can...
Putting  this out there.  Anyone have a flat screen monitor they are not using and willing to pass it along to me?  See I came home to  a cracked laptop screen. I have no idea how it happened, as it was closed, on my bed with a memory foam pillow on top of it. I am sure some cat rough-housing was involved.
So I am going to have to save up to get a new screen and then to have someone repair it.  I believe I can still use it if I connect it to a monitor. which I do not have.  So, if you are looking to freecycle one, PM me.
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Thanks for the signal boost!
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And yes! One big offer from the +Bobbi Jo Woods the great!

Before that, this is for faceache people:

- +Bobbi Jo Woods :

I know it's a holiday for many of you business owners -- Maybe you need to get some stuff done next week that you're worrying about today? Contact me and set up a package and we can get you back to enjoying your weekend and I'll worry about the rest!

Get 10% off my hourly rate with 1 of my regular 1 month service packages (40 hrs/$840)

Services include, but are not limited to:
- Creative/Marketing assistance - Clerical/Office assistance
- Executive/personal assistance - Website/blog maintenance/updates
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G'night Bae bridge.
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Jake Croston

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Crawfish and cheddar beignet

Not a bad way to start the day.
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Dish name?

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Jake Croston

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Oh hay +Ward A I'm a tourist on ur fav st.
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Welcome to San Francisco, California. Wow what a nice day!
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Jake Croston

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10/10 would open beer with
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I couldn't... His thingy is rubbing too close to the bottle top when you're opening it.
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Jake Croston

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Piña colada truffles
Keeping up with the piña colada theme, these truffles are quick and easy to make and from the mixing bowl to the serving platter in under 30 minutes :)
The best kind of dessert there is ;)
#pinacolada   #truffles   #nobake   #nobakedesserts   #food   #recipe   #dessert   #rum   #tinascookings   #foodblog   #foodphotography  
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Like very sweet

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Jake Croston

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Time to harvest the razzburries!!
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Oh very nice!
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Jake Croston

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Use my Uber promo code, 3euxk, and get $30 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at
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Jake Croston

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Great dinner, thanks for the recommendation, +George Cohn !!
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It's a rockin place +Jake Croston, so glad you enjoyed it! Must get back there sometime soon myself! 
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Jake Croston

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Jake Croston

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I love visiting that place!  We always have lunch outdoors so that we get a sweeping view of the vineyards.  
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Have him in circles
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"The food was great, but the chef was a jerk, and I probably wont go back." That is pretty much the statement I will say whenever asked about this place. I want through the giant salumi plate, the pork cheek, ragu, and the rich, and deeply flavored chocolate soufflé cake. But what I will remember is when I went up to the owner, and chef to shake his hand as not only a customer, but a fellow chef, as well as an alumnus of the same school, and he treats me like an after thought, that's what you get. When your response to a compliment is "we try not to make things that suck", and there is no smile, no customer service skills, no "thanks so much for coming"... Your food just turned bitter in my mouth, and my recommendation as a professional, ceases to exist. I don't have the most glamorous of jobs, but I do take pride in what I do, and when someone gives me any kind of compliment, I accept it graciously, as well as point it where its due. I respect the craft, the talent, and the guts to open your own place in an up and coming culinary town. But just some advice.... Don't be a jerk, it negates all the hard work you've done.
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The flavors, textures, and visuals at Meat & Potatoes in Pittsburgh, is the quintessential Gastropub. When I think of pub food, I think of big portions, big flavors, and crappy quality. This is all that and a bag of pork cracklins. Everything we had here was over the top with portion, and flavor. If you expect presentation here, besides a slab of pork belly pastrami or other ingredient to slather your palate with taste, don't bother. Otherwise, come here. Often. Cocktails were your run of the mill Prohibition Era drinks, the regular, bartender made Old Fashioned's and Craft Beers were much better. If you want a drink, don't order off the menu, just order what you like to drink. We spent 100+ bucks along with another couple who spent the same, shared all of our meals, and went home with leftovers. This is a must if you visit the Burgh.
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