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The United States does NOT have a jobs problem.

There are currently 3.2 million open jobs in this country (see link to latest BLS stats). That is more than enough to obliterate the unemployment rate.

What we do have is a massive talent problem. We need to quit talking about "creating jobs," and start talking about "educating and training workers for the jobs that already exist."

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So I think this is really interesting +Jesse Jenkins - thank you very much for sharing. Here's the thing that I'd love to ask your colleagues, though: manufacturing jobs have been in dramatic decline, but manufacturing itself hasn't at all. In fact, we're up in overall manufacturing production. It's just the jobs required for factories aren't anywhere close to the same as it used to be, so you can't transfer a closing factory's staff over to the next.

The best stuff I've seen on this isn't actually from a think tank, but rather from Adam Davidson and the Planet Money team. Have y'all looked into any of that? Would love to dive in further if you've got any data.
Ha! Should've known y'all would have something on it. Thanks!
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