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Mission Title:  Tour Of Louisville
Author:  JeffereyRyan
Location: Louisville, KY
# of Missions: 24
Duration: 2-4 hrs by car
This is a hack sequential mission.

While visiting Louisville for work, I stumbled on this mission set, which largely covers the downtown area of Louisville.  I was able to complete by car in about 3 hours, which could have probably been reduced if I knew the roads better and wasn't fighting with lag.  I had to doubleback quite a bit.  The banner is of the city skyline.

First mission begins here:,-85.756951&z=17&pll=38.253718,-85.756951
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Jaimeson LaLone

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how can i "get my ass to mars" if they DONT GO TO MARS?!?!?!?
As promised last week, via the teaser to the trailer, the first full trailer for Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall was released on Sunday. Looks pretty neat, right? I’m looking forward to the film because it looks similar to, and yet different from, the Paul Verhoeven original. Wiseman’s version completely omits any mention of going to Mars, so it looks as though they’ve made up for it with a lot more jumping over rooftops and things. Everythi...
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It's a travesty, Jaime. It's a travesty.
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Jaimeson LaLone

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At this weekend’s official Doctor Who convention in Cardiff, attendees got a special treat. Well, they got a lot of special treats, but one in particular is they got to see a teaser trailer for Series 7, and now we get to see it too!! If the footage looks kinda samey, it’s because only two of 14 episodes (eps 2 and 3) have been filmed so far. The Western one, for which I am very excited, was filmed in Almeria, Spain, the place where a great deal ...
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Jaimeson LaLone

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I am easily amused, so earlier today, when my brain said, "You know what would be funny? If there was a Robocop sit-com, where he was always screwing up. Every time he did something, the other officers would put their hands on their hips, cock their heads to one side, and do this sing-songy "Robocop!" catchphrase. Then he'd just shoot everyone." I mentioned this to Twitter. A few people quickly replied with funny ideas of their own... then I got ...
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Jaimeson LaLone

Community Sales  - 
We put together a scarf design for our local group, should anyone be interested...

South Central Area Resistance - Pennsylvania, USA
SCAR Scarf Pre-OrderCargressing can be fun, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction of doing a walking build in the dead of winter. Now you might be able to do it slightly warmer... Pre-orders are starting now for the SCAR Scarf. Minimum order quantities are 50. If the minimum quantity cannot be reached, funds will simply be returned/refunded. The current cost is $15 USD, which includes the scarf and shipping charges. We have the opportunity of a price b...
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If there are extra let me know.
We should do a joint region swag "SCAR & BAR (the Enl)"
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Jaimeson LaLone

Discussion  - 
Our local community has tossed around the idea of making scarves for the winter months. Looking around quickly online, many places have a min qty of 50. Anyone had any experience with this or know of places with a lower number? Not sure I could hit that minimum.
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we did a batch last year, set up an order form and waited until we had enough orders.  Get started soon or it'll be spring by the time people get them.  
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Jaimeson LaLone

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Jaimeson LaLone

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The Fine Brothers are back with another interactive YouTube game, this time an 8-bit-style version based on Mad Men. The agency’s in trouble over the Lucky Strike account and you can help Don Draper save the firm while Roger Sterling has sex. Who needs the new season of the actual series when you can run the show yourself? Especially when you can have Don take credit for Peggy’s work and get blackmailed by Pete Campbell? As with the Fines’ Saved ...
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Jaimeson LaLone

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You remember Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin, right? Okay, well, if you haven’t wiped that movie from your memory (here’s a recall aid: Bat-Nipples!), you won’t think it’s that much of a stretch to do as Jon and Al Kaplan did and set it to music, specifically creating sure-fire Tony Award bait with this big number, “Batman, You Son of a Bitch!,” as it would be performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze. The impressions aren’t quite perfec...
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