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Jaime Wiebel
Join me as we journey through the Word and Find Our Identity in the Heart of God!
Join me as we journey through the Word and Find Our Identity in the Heart of God!

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Double-Minded Life and Sitting Among Friends #76
I was young when I came to know Christ. I grew up in the church and when I made my decision to trust Christ as my personal Savior, it seemed like an obvious choice. I knew I was a sinner and in need of a rescue. However, that obvious choice didn’t seem to f...

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Too Early To Harvest and Sitting Among Friends #76
I am very excited that we got our garden planted. You can see Our little Garden here . We had trouble growing things in the past because our soil isn't that great for growing so we made a raised bed. We use composted dirt to fill it. There is something abou...

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A Mother's Sincere Faith and Sitting Among Friends #74
Here is a bouquet of flowers for all the mom’s that are visiting. Happy Mother’s Day! If we were sitting down together face-to-face we could talk about being moms and how it is a tough role but one that is always rewarding. We could talk about the joys, the...

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When God Steps In and Sitting Among Friends #7
Being a mom is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. My life seemed to turn upside down in ways that I could have never imagined for the good and the undeniably not so pretty. I used to think I was patient, laid back and had some self-control until ...

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When Doubt Creeps In & Sitting Among Friends #72
While I was reading my son a section in his Bible, a thought popped in my mind. Is this all real? While it was brief and I was certainly assured that it was, I was a bit startled.  Have you ever wondered? Have you ever doubted? Have you ever felt like this ...

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Now What? Get Moving! and Sitting Among Friends #71
Now what? If you didn’t get the opportunity to join us or missed a post for A Living Hope Bible Study you can find the list of links at the bottom of this post.  I am glad that all of you joined me. It was a blessing to hear your thoughts and hearts on the ...

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A Living Hope: New Growth & Sitting Among Friend #70
I cannot believe how many dinners I have been burning lately. I think I nailed down the problem today. I love cooking but lately, I love getting it done quickly and I don’t love sitting to watch or stir it. I have other things to do. Taking the time to care...

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A Living Hope: A New Life and Sitting Among Friends #69
Let’s jump right into the tough stuff today. Before coming to know and trust  Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we are in rebellion to God. Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior. Colossians 1:21 ...

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The High Calling of Motherhood Blog Tour
Having children was always my plan. In fact, when I was in college my college roommate and I joked about being there as plan B until plan A of being a stay-at-home mom fell into place. When I found out that I was having our first child, I was so excited and...

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A Living Hope: A New Day New Mercies &Sitting Among Friends #68
This is week 5 of us studying A Living Hope. I am so glad you are here. If you have missed any of the other weeks, you can catch up here by reading A Living Hope , A New Heart , A New Hope , and A New Covenant . I love this opportunity to study Our Living H...
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