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Just saw Prometheus. Watching Alien now. My list of complaints to follow shortly. 
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1) How are the snake creatures at all related?
2) In Prometheus the Human Alien dies in the condo, but in Alien he is in the chair of his space ship.
3) In Prometheus, the squid alien grows to well over human sized in a matter of hours with no sustenance.
4) I find the idea that the engines are also the landing gear to be ridiculous.
5) I also find double electric doors as air locks to be ridiculous.
6) How did the crew of the Nostromo not find the wreckage of the Prometheus, condo, Alien ship or Alien structures?
Regarding 2 and 6, the crashed ship in prometheus is not the same one as in alien... They are two different ships
How do you know that? I thought the entire premise of Prometheus is as a prequel. Right? If they aren't the same ship then the two series are only loosely related. 
I did a little research, and it seems that Prometheus isn't a prequel but a tangent. 
It's only a prequel in the sense that it takes place in the same universe and before the events of Alien, but it doesn't end right when Alien starts
From what I read online and observed from Alien, it could have happened simultaneously. I note that the crew of the Prometheus and the crew of the Nostromos were all employees of Weyland. I find it curious, that if Prometheus was set in the past that at least the science androids should have knowledge of the creatures, but Ash from Alien does not seem to.
(Ugh, why can't I edit from iOS?) I meant simultaneous to mean very close in time.
Tim Ebl
The androids would only know about the alien life forms if anyone from Prometheus eventually communicates it. That didn't necessarily happen.

Also, in this age of reboots, maybe the original Alien will be stricken from the record. I'm fine with being a separate storyline. 
I find it unlikely that the robots would not immediately communicate their findings back to the company. Note that Ash and David are both in constant communication throughout both movies with "someone"...
Tim Ebl
True. David was in communication with the owner of the company, who may have had him programmed to secrecy until after his death.

But once his owner was dead, he could simply walk over to a radio, open a subspace channel and report back.

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