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It's here!!!!!! #Nexus7
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Did you manage to get it out of the box yet???
My first impression is that the build quality is amazing. Its feels really solid. 
It took quite a while to connect to wifi. Now its signing in to my Google account.
I just got an email from the Play Store saying my $25 credit is ready to use.
Interesting....I had my Kindle Fire rooted and running my Nexus7 is downloading all the apps I had on it. Convenient.
I would think so, after it was set up. There seems to be a lot of signing in to apps and services. Updates and downloads.
I will note that it is running Android 4.1 and not 4.1.1  I tried to do the manual update but nothing happened.
Nevermind those last two posts. The 4.1.1 update just popped up and Wallet was included.
i cant wait to fire on one of em! im just waiting it out which is gonna take longer in the end haha
i wonder if staples really has this thing in stock, im tempted! 
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