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Jaime Hunt
IMC expert, photographer, avid reader.
IMC expert, photographer, avid reader.


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If you or someone you know is looking for a multimedia position with a great team at a fantastic university, look no further! I am hiring a Multimedia Producer to work in the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications at Winston-Salem State University. This is a new position for us at WSSU and we're excited to hire someone with a passion for storytelling.

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I'm looking for someone who might be interested in a short-term writing position. Email me at huntj (at) wssu (dot) edu if you are interested!

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We implemented Hootsuite Enterprise on campus and I am so in love right now! All the data I have at my fingertips, the ability to cross communicate with other social media managers on campus... I feel like my life just got 10 times better! For me, right now ... it's worth the money!

Radford University invites applications for the position of Web and Interactive Media Designer. Reporting to the Director of Web Strategy and Interactive Media, the Web and Interactive Media designer is responsible for visual design in support of the university's Web strategy. 

Duties will include, but are not limited to:
• designing websites, landing pages, buttons, icons and other elements to enhance the Radford University website;  
• following brand and accessibility guidelines when creating designs; 
• creating interactive elements, including animations, components and other engaging elements for the website; 
• designing banner ads and other graphics in support of Radford University's online marketing endeavors, including graphics to be used on social media sites; 
• producing animations in support of the Radford University online marketing strategy; 
• producing designs for mobile applications, including splash screens and icons; 
• working closely with the Director of Web Strategy and Interactive Media, coordinate high-quality freelance photography in support of the website and other multimedia needs; and 
• other visual marketing and communications duties as assigned.  

Visit and click on “Classified Staff Positions” to find this posting.

JOB OPENING: Radford University invites applications for the position of Web Content Editor and Social Media Coordinator. Under the guidance and leadership of the Director of Web Strategy and Interactive Media, the person in this position will work with departmental website content administrators on the development of new websites and the overhaul of existing websites. Work with the web and interactive media designer and the multimedia producer to incorporate design and multimedia elements into sites. Ensure that proper review and QA procedures are followed. Assist departmental content developers on the use of the content management system, to include providing training and ensuring that all elements (text, visuals, interactive features) are properly used and integrated into websites. Coordinate the university's social media efforts, to include producing relevant content for social media sites; ensuring all social media platforms are updated and maintained consistently to maintain a positive online presence; supervising social media interns; and providing guidance to university departments and users on the appropriate and effective use of social media.

For more information, visit and click on the Administrative/Professional Faculty button.

My campus is moving forward with Hootsuite Enterprise, in part because after extensive research, we think it is the best tool and in part because there is a state contract for it (those who have to go through state purchasing policies will feel me on that one). We are hoping to implement either right before or right after the winter break. Any lessons learned or wisdom from experience you can share with me?

If you had unlimited budget, what one thing would you want to purchase to make your job easier/make you more effective/make your university more appealing to students?

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Happy Halloween from Radford University!
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