Post from any feed to Google+ (via email-to-SMS) using

Update: Great News! Google expanded to 43 countries their Google+ SMS features, find the list of countries at .

Please add and activate your Google Voice number at before proceeding.

Note 1: For India G+ers, please substitute 33669 (United States) below for 9222222222 (India). Find the numbers for the additional 41 countries at

Note 2: The #ifttt servers won't post instantly to Google+, wait times can range from 1-15 mins.

Note 3: If you wanna avoid G+ SMS replies simply "block" the number in your Google Voice. You'll still be able to send messages to the number.

1) Make sure the Text Forwarding is set in your Google Voice, GV, settings. We are looking for the special email address you get back from Google+ SMS., e.g., {yourGVnumber}.33669.{special_characters_here}

Note: From +Mike Elgan's article, "Your secret email address should look something like this:"

2) Send a test SMS, from your GV number, to 33669. You'll get a SMS back with "Google+: Did not understand the request."

3) Go to gmail and record the email address from the message you got in Step 2., e.g., {yourGVnumber}.33669.{special_characters_here}

4) Go to Google+ settings and add your Google Voice number as your phone.

5) Add the email from Step 3 to the "To address" field.

6) (Optional) Add additional options from to the "Body" field.
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+Jaime Hernández-Cordero Does IFTTT let you have multiple conditions on the "If" clause? I want to have IFTTT send my G+ post to FB and/or Twitter and/or LinkedIn if the post has those special "tags" I define (e.g. $FBpost, $TWpost, $LIpost) or something to that effect. Tried creating my own taks, but I'm just not familiar enough w/ the IFTTT addins syntax to know if this is possible.
Thanks +Jaime Hernández-Cordero .... made sure I followed everything you said, however I don't see the posts in my stream. Any suggestions? I don't receive any error unless I change the format of the email, but even the email is successful, I don't see any posts. Would really appreciate some input on this..
Thanks for the response +Jaime Hernández-Cordero. I checked the phone number. Tried it with the country code, without the code and with a plus in front, with a 00 instead of the plus. No errors when I try any option, but the mail doesn't get posted either. Any thing else that comes to mind?
It took me a while to get it to work myself but I think I finally mastered it... twice. I was regularly using my GV account for texting, and when I finally got this to work, I was getting all of the text messages for any G+ post (from my IFTTT RSS & Twitter feeds) using this e-mail method. So I created a second GV account (separate Gmail address)... and this is when I found some nuances that I believe are key to getting this to work.

1. If your Google Voice number is set in your Google+ Settings (not your profile contact information), remove it. You will have to add it back later after you obtain the e-mail address below.
2. Make sure the Text Forwarding to e-mail is set in your Google Voice, GV, settings. This setting must be left on permanently for this to function.
3. Send a test SMS, from your GV number, to 33669. You'll get a SMS back with "Google+: Did not understand the request." We are looking for the special email address you get back from Google+ SMS., e.g., <yourGVnumber>.33669.<special characters here>
4. Go to Gmail and record the From e-mail address from the message you got in Step 3. You can add this as a Google Plus contact in your Google account (Gmail, Google Voice). A merged contact with 33669 as the Mobile # to use this contact as either an e-mail contact or a Google Voice contact.
5. Go to Google+ Settings and add/restore your Google Voice number as your phone.

To post a message to Google+ via e-mail
1. Compose a new e-mail message. This cannot be sent from the e-mail address account associated with your Google+ profile.
2. Add the email address from Step 3 above to the "To address" field.
3. Type your message in the body of the e-mail. The subject is ignored.
4. (Optional) Add additional options from to the "Body" field
5. Send the e-mail.
Hi +Herbert Reininger for completeness I'm including the steps below (which you might be familiar with already).

Here's how to get to the Google+ SMS settings:
1) Click on the gear icon (upper-right).
2) Click on "*Google+ settings*"
3) Go to the "*Set delivery preferences*" section (second section)
4) Enter or edit your "*phone number*" info.
5) (Optional) Set your notification options

If that doesn't work, +Michael Ingraham provides a workaround in the comment above which might solve your issue, give it a try.
+Jaime Hernández-Cordero Hi Jamie. managed to miss your post till this other update came along. I've found my 'secret' email id. I've updated my phone number (no longer an India number), but when I send out an email I receive a Delivery failure notification.
The Google+ verification text came in as an email, so the correct boxes are checked. Feel like an absolute dodo right now .... :(
i think i got the hack right but i think ifttt recipe 4013 is off (sending my new tweets or RTs to Google+). I found the secret addr. I added it to my gmail addr book. I added the GVoice # to my G+ account and still nothing happens. Michael's comments added a nuance..."To post a message to Google+ via e-mail
1. Compose a new e-mail message. This cannot be sent from the e-mail address account associated with your Google+ profile." this may be key but when I tested this, i got an error msge (mail delivery failed). I'll try again tomorrow. If anyone has found a reliable ifttt recipe for twitter to google+ let me know...
it finally works but i have no idea i need to figure out how to stop it from sending me an email every time i tweet. that would be annoying...
Will do michael! As soon as I get the look and feel of the posts just right! G+ won't accept HTML and I wanted a cute little twitter bird I asking for too much of them?? Lol
+kateria niambi, I put an "@" in my string @{{User}}. Seeing that "@" is my "Twitter" visual queue.

Since this is really going through GV SMS, I'd be surprised if you can pass graphical elements. And if you pass an image URL, I'm thinking that will get passed as plain text and not rendered into the link's destination icon. But, if you succeed, that will definitely be worthy of a reply to Mike Elgan to expand the knowledge on this e-mail hack. Of course, we can always hope that this workaround goes away when G+ adds this capability directly.
amen! yeah i'm gonna give up on the graphics and use your suggestion (gmail filter AND @{{user}}
Thanks so much for your feedback!
Followed the instructions four times, I'm still getting "message delivery failed" when I send direct to my "special email address". When ifttt tries to send it gets that "Did not understand the request". I'm trying to send email from completely separate email accounts from my GMail/G+ accounts. I'm in the US and using 33669.

Is there any way to debug this?
+Michael Ingraham Thanks for this post. I have followed all of the steps and still get the "message delivery failed"
The phone number in Google+sms has a +and a 1 so I tried varying the email address that way. Also tried saving the google + number within Google mail contact with and without a + before the 1.

I am sending the email from several different accounts(not the one my google+ is registereed to)
I sent a text directly to 33669 to test it out and it works perfectly.

Any ideas what can be causing this?
Never mind. After 24 hours it started working. Must take time for some odd reason.
+Jeremy Maher Glad it started working. I'm still waiting for G+ to provide a direct way to post so IFTTT can add a G+ channel instead of all of this rigmarole!
+Michael Ingraham I agree. That would be a great benefit that would probably attract more users. Thanks for this post
They won't add anything because they want users to sign up for G+ Google doesn't want you to post anything from outside the service(i.e. from Twitter, facebook, etc.) to G+
Jenny A
I still can't get this to work. I'm wanting to set up Twitter to send to the secret email via the Can anyone work me through this?
I'm only having partial success. I've been able to get emails sent from GMail to successfully go through SMS and show up on G+ but it fails if the email is sent from anywhere else. Is there a step missing somewhere in the instructions above? How do I get emails from other services to be accepted? I thought of forwarding the email through my GMail account. I tried creating a forwarding-filter only to find you can't forward mail without being able to receive and reply to a confirmation number, which of course can't be sent to the SMS address you'd need to forward to. So clearly I'm missing something. Can someone who has gotten this to work explain the missing steps? Thanks!
I'm wanting to have posts by specific FB users sent to G+, not all. Any ideas?
I set this up and it posts to G+ if I compose an email in Gmail and send it. This says to me that the basic setup works. However, none of my triggers from IFTTT have ever shown up. I look in my Gmail sent mail and I see them, they just never post. Anyone have any idea why an email sent through my Gmail via IFTTT would silently fail while a direct one would go through?
I got it to work by removing the attachment from my IFTTT recipe. I cloned it from but having the attachment seemed to prevent G+ from ever posting it. 
Anybody had any joy on this from UK or Ireland?
Okay, now it only works when the message originates from my Gmail. +Steve Rainwater you ever find a way to get it to work with any email or did it just start magically happening for you?
I thought it was any email. +Steve Rainwater said he only could do this. I thought people meant any email when they said email not just Gmail. If that's the case then I have it working but what about IFTTT. How do you make post from anywhere else go to Google + through IFTTT?
I kind of thought that. Thanks for all the help.
Okay I got it all together. Even my post from Facebook have Attachments. So far I only checked videos but hopefully videos and links will go same way. Thanks for everything +Jaime Hernández-Cordero.
Has anyone figured out how to use the RSS to GMAIL to Google Voice to inject a picture into the post associated with the RSS entry?

Having a way to do that would be excellent.

When i try to attach {{EntryImageUrl}} I get this error returned to me in an undeliverable email format.

Technical details of permanent failure:
Message rejected.  See for more information.

This seems to want to block images.
Aren't LINKS post go LIVE doin this cause mines aren't.
+Jaime Hernández-Cordero does this still work for you. Mine suddenly stop. I'm still receiving the forward messages in my Google voice but their not posting. I have it set to public but not posting. Might have to redo from start.
same here. i am unable to get it to work i live in italy
+Hasan Ali Khattak Please add a note to the google forum thread if you get a chance.  They have someone looking into this now but we need more people to mention that this is an issue.
+Amir Esmann Yup. Still broken.  Please add to the forum thread.  The more people who bring this up with Google, the better.
hey there when I send texts to 3369 it doesn't work. (I live in CA with an american #) But sending texts to 6504509500 does work.. The unique address I got was: changed a letter and number from the real one for security) However sending an email to DOES NOT WORK, nor
+Jaime Hernández-Cordero I live in England, UK. There is a number for Ireland, but not for Britain (England, Scotland & Wales). Does this mean that I can't set this up? Is it still broken? I set up Google voice but in the settings tab there was no option for text forwarding etc.
Hmm, a little tricky to get set up, but it cool. I think Ill stick with using my iphone for now
other social media platforms;
  here's the email - use it!

rather prefer that 
Hey, know this is an old thread, but has anyone figured out how to add line breaks to their post to G+ from IFTTT? I have tried every variation of <br> <br/> <p> /n %0a and nothing seems to be working. The hack is great but the giant block of text in my G+ feed, not so much.
wow, this is awesome. thanks!
No sé si hablas español, pero a ver si me puedes ayudar. ¿Hay alguna forma de usar este método para publicar fotos desde Facebook Page a Google+

Es decir, de que el correo que se envía tenga adjunto.

I need help. When I try to enter to the google voice page, the link redirect me to a support page and I can't join GV Services... Can you help me?
I can't find anything official, but it appears Google has turned off the post via SMS option. I am now getting a message when I try to post saying "Google+ SMS is no longer available. You can visit to access Google+ on the mobile web." Is anyone else getting this message?
B Lynn
No.  Though I busy posting days I will reach a limit.
B Lynn
Now that I double checked what I have been posting to G+, I haven't posted anything new since June 23rd, even though I know I have tweeted a lot since then.
It happens my first post of the day and has been happening for more than a week. I wonder what's wrong...
B Lynn
Sorry I challenged you. Mine is acting exactly how you say yours is acting.
I'm sorry yours is now doing it too. :/
B Lynn
Actually I so rarely get into G+ I assumed it was doing the job without checking on it and it hasn't posted anything since June 23rd.
All guides on this subject, scarce as they are and generally always tracing back to this very old post, gloss over the whole part about "if you have the phone number in your settings, delete it and then restore it later."  You actually cannot do that (though if someone knows the secret, would appreciate knowing how).  No steps have actually been explained for deleting a notification number in the Settings of a Google+ Page, though it has been established here and elsewhere that the Contact information from the About tab is irrelevant.
This trick doesn't seem to work anymore sadly. All of the messages I've sent to the Google+ short code number return back with nothing, even HELP, STOP or START.

Additionally there's no mention of being able to post from SMS on the settings page anymore.
Hi , I didn't get a reply from google on my test sms, what should I do ?
B Lynn
It appears that this functionality is no longer available. The reason I state this is, those of us who did have it working started receiving notifications around June 23rd that we couldn't forward to the SMS any more.
This is broken for me too. I don't get a reply when sending SMS to 33669.
+Jaime Hernández-Cordero I tried getting this done but it seems Google Voice is no longer working as stated here again. There are no option to carry out this task. I will like your help on this. Thank you very much.
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