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So I make lots of YouTube videos, and one thing that I really needed was a cameraman, but I don't expect someone to become my personal slave, so I made one.
Arduino - Robot Arm (camera man) DUMMY MK1
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That is nifty..   But the 'searching'  both the robot & human .. I got sea sick
Barfed  ;
@Akhil Varma Thank You very much!
@ jon sanford Yes I feel that way too, luckily it only takes a reposition of the boundaries to smoothen things out. With some better servos I reckon it would be even better.
+jon sanford Oh believe me, its much better than the person I was going to get to be my cameraman! haha. ATM for every character received it increases the position incrementally by one degree, so software wise I can't do much more in terms of 'smoothness'. The hardware however could be increased in quality substantially. But the overall goal would be like you said, make it better than a person.
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