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Ringing Cedars Readers Conference with author Vladimir Megre in San Francisco. This is the first time Vladi's been to U.S. (yes, I nicknamed him Vladi) and I didn't get a chance to go but am glad I have this little snippet to watch :). Enjoy, my ringing cedars fans circle! #anastasia
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We went. For us it was a disappointment. 2000 mile round trip to support this Anastasia work. They were suppose to introduce the "official" English translation and it was basically a Q&A. Q&A of which 95% was explained in the books. I guess no one can read anymore or understand what they read. When I got home and asked about the English translation I had and why it was rejected to be signed no one has responded to my questions at all. I support Anastasia and what she is doing but sadly there is still too much politics even with Vladimir and getting the books into English. here is the link to the books i read. They are absolutely amazing.
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