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We've just pushed update to Live Channels in Play Store today in order to help unblock developers who work on the Recording API we released in API level 24. Our sample implementation is based on the ATSC USB tuner input and you can test it by plugging one of the following USB tuner models into your Nexus Player running Android 7.0 or higher. Note this works only in North America.
- Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q
- Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One
- AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q (H837)

As Nexus Player has insufficient storage for recording, you need to connect an external storage with a USB OTG hub and set it as "device storage". (Don't forget to move data.)
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Wow, this is great. Hopefully 7.0 starts coming for more OEM devices.
Jae Seo
For now it works only with Nexus Player running Android 7.0 or higher.
I sideloaded this into an emulator and threw together a quick project with recording support. Am I supposed to see any UI for recording? Right now I do not.
I have the AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q (H837). When recording, I can't view other channels. Is the H837 a single tuner device?
Does this require the extra storage for Nexus Player? If we plan on only viewing, will the 8GB be enough?
Ed R
+Jed Hamilton Yes, that's a single tuner unit. It's a hybrid tuner in that it can be a QAM or ATSC tuner, but only 1 stream of either signal at a time.
+Ed R thanks for the clarification. I am guessing all three of those tuners posted above are single tuner devices then. 
Ed R
+Jed Hamilton Yes, they're all single tuners I believe. No clue if the Live Channels implementation supports multiple single USB tuners though.
좋은 정보 감사합니다. ^^
저는 네이버 미니PC포럼의 EddyLab이라고 합니다.
안드로이드셋탑관련 정보공유를 많이 하고 있습니다. 한가지 질문이 있습니다만, EPG처리는 MS관련EPG를 기준으로 받게 되는지요 ? -
Does this support guide information, like show name and description? Regardless of whether it does, it's great to see the platform becoming more powerful.
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