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Still smiling:
Still smiling

while you're getting screwed. That's life.
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And from you, Mr Lloyd. All screws should be smiley. :sdc:
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Wandsworth: Flood risk management strategy survey

If you live, work, or own a business, in the London Borough of Wandsworth, please contribute to this survey. They will use completed surveys to help create a Draft Local flood risk management strategy and there will be another chance to comment in the summer, once the draft paper has been written. This survey closes on Monday (17th Feb) – I would have alerted people to it earlier but I only found it today while searching for something else. It is an online survey (link on attached page) – they say they send a paper version on request but I don't know whether or not they will take late submissions into account.

Anyway, if you know anyone who might fit the above criteria please pass this on to them, ASAP.

Putting things on the website seems to be the new version of a consultation notice being kept in a locked filing cabinet, in an unlit room, at the bottom of a broken staircase, in a cellar guarded by a tiger!
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Flood Hack Appeal: London Hackathon

Campus London
Sunday February 16, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM (GMT)

Calling London and UK Developers to help to build innovative applications that can help those affected by the flooding. Full details in +Jennifer Arcuri's original post

Constant refrains, during floods, are that there is no help when people need it, that people don't know who is supposed to be "in charge," or that they don't know who to contact for help. It is really difficult to find out what the local chain-of-command is; most people, in places that rarely flood, don't know who their local flood-wardens are. And people have complained that they got the flood alert message they'd signed up for three days after they were flooded.

Then, there are people elsewhere who would like to volunteer their help, or to donate to the charities and voluntary organisations who are helping.

So, there are many ways that the real-time data being volunteered by the Environment Agency, the Government Digital Service, the Open Data Institute and the Cabinet Office can be put to use. 

Let us hope some good ideas come from this. Even if its just an app that alerts you to a flood alert/warning and tells you who to contact, locally or nationally, for what, at what stage, during times of flood. 

_Via +Lee Smallwood _


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Calling all developers!

We have been hit by the worst flooding and weather the UK has seen in our lifetimes. Getting the right information to people about the problems affecting particular areas, and the right places to turn to help (or for information on how THEY can help volunteer) is crucial. The government has near real-time data on flooding levels and alerts, mapped out across the entire country, which they want to put to the best possible use. Following a meeting called today at Number 10 with leading technology companies, the Environment Agency, the Government Digital Service, the Open Data Institute and the Cabinet Office are working to open up this data to the public for the next three months, allowing developers to build innovative applications that can help those affected by the flooding.

This Sunday at 10am, join developers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Conversocial, Datasift, Mother, Taskhub and more for a hackathon, hosted by Tech CityUK at Google Campus in Shoreditch, where the Open Data Institute will share the flood level data with developers and be on hand to help throughout the day. The Cabinet Office will be choosing the most useful applications demoed on the day to be promoted to flood victims across the country.

Please register for the hackathon here.
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A Sou'ester blowin' Billy...

... Can't you hear it roar?
Lord help me, how I pity
Those unhappy folks on shore.

Oh! Haul, haul away Bill, oh
Haul along o' me
The devil took the gentleman
He'll no take me,
The devil took the gentleman
He'll no take me.

Fragment from The Story of Lieutenant Cockatoo, Phyllis Tate, 1973

I always find myself singing this modern shanty whenever the wind whips up here, in my little village of Much Tossing in the Fronderies – alright, that's my imaginary name for this small scheme/estate here on the edge of London. Trees are leaning 15 - 20 degrees off the perpendicular with each strong blow, just now. Shrubs are nearing horizontal and even the serious trees are flailing their branches. And I do pity those unhappy folks on (the) shores, whether of seas or rivers; and, especially, those currently surrounded by flood-waters or at sea.
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Thanks, Sigmun, I certainly enjoy hearing about what's happening in the world from the people who are experiencing it. I'm voting Hobart 'the place I'd most like to wake up to, tomorrow.'

Thanks also for updating on the Australian  wild-weather. I didn't know about the rain being so heavy and the flooding – it's like going from the fire to the saucepan, to coin a phrase. Shocking to hear of deaths, and so many still missing, and loss of communications and power. But good to hear that the charities and physical helpers have been mobilised. I'll keep an eye out for news. And always the best to you.
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Sochi 2014: Ladies' Ski Slopestyle

Gold Dara Howell (Canada) 94.20
Silver Devin Logan (USA) 85.40
Bronze Kim Lamarre (Canada) 85.00

Katie Summerhayes (GBR) lands cab 1260 but has some hand-drags so scores 70.60 in Ladies' Ski Slopestyle to finish 7th
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We Ain't Goin' Nowhere...

My current favourite earworm which I'm trying to lodge firmly in my brain to see me through second-sleep. I hope it'll wake me up, refreshed, before I can be jolted from a dream by that damned pneumatic hammer-thingy pounding its way through the concrete deck on which the upper storey of garages once lived. It's a clever bit of kit which probably does the work of ten blokes with pneumatic drills and saves them being crippled by white-finger (or getting paid!); but I can sleep through pneumatic drills and the soothing synaesthesic aroma of hot tar-buckets. Ho-hum. It'll make a nice change when they bring in the pile-drivers.

By the way, +The Mouse Outfit are playing at Village Underground in London (UK) this Saturday. I'll be there in spirit only but I thoroughly recommend them to you.

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Love second sleep - dream time - far to many people don't even know what it is these days.
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If David Cameron made a Facebook Movie

... it might look something like this: 
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Get yourself some (De La) Soul... free...

_Via +Ayoub Khote _
Public Service Announcement

If you're a fan of old school hip-hop, then this one is for you.  To celebrate Valentine's Day, De La Soul is giving away some music.  Like, almost all of it.  From classic albums like 3 Feet High and Rising to some of the more recent remixes, they're handing it out like candy on their official site.  Go and get you some!
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Lizzie Yarnold (GB): Gold the Skeleton at Sochi 2014 with a time of 3:52.89 followed by Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA) taking Silver and  Elena Nikitina (Russian Fed.) claiming Bronze. Shelley Rudman (GB) – former Olympic Silver-medallist, and World and Europeans winner – finished in 16th place, in her third Winter Olympic Games.
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Cool, eh!? Not so bad here, either, indoors. Just been watching the trees attempting to break their record for sideways bend...
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We built a footpath yesterday...

Gentleman from Burrowbridge was interviewed by the BBC.  Almost verbatim (from memory):

"We built a footpath yesterday. Weve been asking for a footpath there for about twenty years. We built it ourselves, yesterday. In four hours."

Burrowbridge is one of the villages on the Somerset Levels, which have been flooded since before Christmas and are facing a continuing rise in the water level.
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Thanks, m'dear. Same wishes back to you. I'm stopping in, keeping an eye on things in case there's any lightning (ready for urgent disconnect!) and am, luckily, in a pretty sheltered spot on a hill. The Thames is across the (much built-upon) water-meadows but in the 'super-protected' tidal area between Teddington Lock and the Thames Barrier. Just feeling for everyone who is affected or at risk.
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