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Remove a listing now available for new Places dashboard users

From our forum post ( ) 
Users of the new Places dashboard can now remove listings from their accounts ( Please note, you cannot undo removing a listing from your account. 

If your business is closing, make sure you first report it as closed using Report a Problem ( If you'd also like to remove the business from displaying in your dashboard, first access the dashboard for the business you wish to remove. Select the Gear icon, then select Remove this listing.

Note that Google may continue to show businesses that have been removed from your account on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties as closed, moved, or open, depending on the information we’ve received about the business. 
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How can we get a closed listing removed completely so that our new address will show as the default.  Right now people need to click on show all results before it is visible.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
+Reid Jones, we don't delete closed locations -- we just mark them as closed. If it's not already marked as such, you can click on Report a problem on the page to let us know it's closed. 
Jade, there are so many issues with being unable to delete a closed location.  When I use Google voice commands on my HTC one, it automatically defaults giving directions to the closed location.  When you search our business, you no longer get a map showing with our hours and phone number on the top right hand side.  When searching our business on Google Maps, customers need 3 extra steps to find our location.  The listing is on my account, please give me a call at the number listed to discuss further.


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