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For upgraded Google Places bulk users - say hello to social features and multi-admin functionality: 
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Gil Pac
Jade, will you have a Hangouts training for this in the near future?
Alex T
great work!
Hi +Jade Wang, can you provide any updates regarding a timetable for getting accounts updated to the new Google Places for Business? Do accounts with more locations have to wait longer?
Hi +Jade Wang when will this upgrade be rolled out to all Places Bulk users? I am still desperately waiting fro the upgrade so that I can create Google+ pages for a number of our larger clients here in NZ and Australia.
Looking forward to seeing this rolled out to my clients too.  They're ready to #GetSocial :)
+Nicole Hess  One of our clients has been upgraded and its been great so far :) long wait, but hopefully worth it  #getsocial  
+Kim Barker - if you don't mind me asking, approx. how many locations does the upgraded client have on Google?
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