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Upgrade U: Compression socks
Tips for traveling with Little Sissy Pham: don't.  The girl suffered through swollen ankles then a cold then constipation then headaches then motion sickness then claustrophobia. It was literally one thing after another for the whole 5 weeks. It was the wor...

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A little glimpse
My car got a little smushed at a roundabout by an SUV that didn’t see me - maybe they were colourblind, my car is green. So I took the train for the couple of weeks while it was at the car doctors. What do you call those? Mechanics? I enjoyed public transpo...

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Upgrade U: No Pong
Finally! A bicarb free, palm oil free and aluminium free deodorant that works really well, and lasts all day! I was using crystal magic for the past year after trying half a dozen ‘natural’ deodorants. By natural, I mean aluminium chlorohydrate free. Most p...

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Life in Germany - the early years
Dad Pham & Mum Pham lived in Germany for 11 years. Dad Pham remembers it fondly, but he also says it was the most stressful time of his life. You'd think being in the navy during the Vietnam War or being a prisoner in a communist reeducation camp would be m...

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Achievement Awards
I've lugged this pencil around with me for over a decade and I can't remember why I got it but that's not the point of this story. The point is I earned the pencil in Grade 6 back when Achievement Awards were still a thing in my life. I miss those days when...

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Tinder fails: the German, the Happy, the Ginger
Little Sissy Pham  has a Tinder win story so I know not everyone fails this hard, but boy am I getting great at not succeeding. I was starting to think it was me and not the dating pool, but after spending a weekend on my Tinder account with a clinical psyc...

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Phamly dinner
Mum Pham lived in the kitchen. The woman spent most of her life there, and when we lived in council flats she spent her days and nights in a cluttered, tiny kitchen nook staring at a stained cream turned yellow wall with one jammed window behind her to the ...

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Other People's Happiness: Farewell work bestie
I never thought my work bestie would be a bit of a jerk whose mind was chaos and creative was genius. I am the complete opposite. I am (too) nice, my mind is orderly and my creative is controlled. Our areas of expertise meant we were desk buddies though, an...

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Open plan offices
I've never worked in my own office without other people, unless you count that time I worked from home alone in my bedroom with only a few crows and a spider for company. All other times, I'm in low partitioned pods or big open spaces - never in small confi...

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Upgrade U: Gossip Gowns formal dresses
I don’t know why I was tasked with dressing my eldest niece for her formal last year. Seriously, her mum sees me every weekend. She knows I dress like I rummaged through a kindergarten lost and found box. But even though I look like rainbow vomit, I suppose...
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