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Will be attending Black Hat next week, looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. We'll have a booth and all. #aSnapchatFirst

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7 Things To Love About the New Google Photos App

I’m super excited about today’s Google Photos launch! The team has been working hard to deliver a wonderful experience across Android, iOS, and web. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite features for those of you who might not have had a chance to play with the app yet. So without further ado; 7 things to love about the new Google Photos app.

Never lose a photo again. Auto Backup is one of my very favorite features. Google Photos can upload every photo you take and store it securely in the cloud so that you can view it across devices, and keep your memories safe in the event that you lose or break your phone. You can even install our desktop uploader ( and get quick access to your entire photo library in the palm of your hand.

Store all your photos and videos online. Forever. For free. We’ll store all your photos and videos in high quality (16mp and 1080p respectively). at 16 megapixels, that’s big enough to print at 24x16! Oh yeah, and it’s completely free :)

Search your photo library like a magician. Looking for that photo of your dog playing in the snow from 5 years ago? No problem! Google Photos’ new search feature will help you find it instantly. Search your photo library just as easily as you search the web. Seriously… it’s amazing.

Never run out of space on your phone again. I don’t know about you, but I get really tired of having to delete photos and videos from my phone every time I run low on space. The new Photos app can detect when you’re running low on storage, and will offer to help clean up old photos from your device that have been safely backed up to the cloud.

Share photos anywhere. Want to share on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? No problem! You no longer need a Google+ account to get all the Google Photos goodness.

Easily make gorgeous movies with your photos and videos. Google Photos comes with a beautiful movie creation and editing platform. Just pick the photos and videos you want to include, choose music and visual effects, and you’re done! Google Photos will make a beautiful, professional-looking movie in seconds that would take minutes or hours in traditional movie making apps.

Your very own personal assistant. Everyone who installs the new Photos app will also get a personal assistant. Your assistant works around the clock to make cool things from your photo library like stories, movies, animations, collages, and more. These creations show up automatically in your Assistant view and you can choose whether you want to keep them or not. All you have to do is use your phone and let your assistant do the hard work!

So those are some of my favorite things about the new Google Photos app. There’s still a ton of other cool stuff to discover. What are your favorite features?

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Snapchat is hiring for Security, Spam & Abuse and others

As Snapchat is growing rapidly, we have many challenging high-impact projects in security and spam & abuse.

If you have good experience with any of the following, email me at or apply to our job site at
 - Mobile security: development and audit
 - Web security: development and audit
- Implementation of large-scale spam & abuse pipelines and clever defenses
- Systems security hardening
- IT Security hardening

Additionally, we are also hiring strong software developers for web, mobile, developer tools, among other open positions.

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The privileges you get when flying these days. Nice United.

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security lemma

Any sentence that begins with "I created this survey..." ends badly for security.

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The Onion, how right you are :)
Breaking followup: experts warn to avoid USB at all costs after Black Hat conference. (Creepy commercial preroll, but worth it)

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Expanding the Security Team at Snapchat

We are looking for experienced security folks to join our growing security team at Snapchat and have a strong impact on our security efforts. Please see the job site for the following roles:
1. Information Security Engineer
2. Systems Security Engineer
3. Security Program Manager

If you know anyone, please send them my way - - or ask them to apply directly to the corresponding job postings.

Separately we are also looking for seasoned Spam & Abuse Engineers, contact me for more on that.

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"Just down the road from Google’s main campus here, engineers for the company are accelerating what has become the newest arms race in modern technology: They are making it far more difficult — and far more expensive — for the National Security Agency and the intelligence arms of other governments around the world to pierce their systems."

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Hiring for Security

At Snapchat, we are hiring talented security engineers. If you are interested, contact me at or apply directly online:

The job posting is for Information Security Engineers. We are also looking for candidates with corporate / systems security experience.
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