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Tonight's anthem 

I still get a little teary eyed over the +Wells Fargo commercial. Too cute and perfect for holiday cheer. 

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Have any of you seen the new +Wells Fargo commercial where the snowmen give the horses their carrot noses so they can deliver presents to the village children? So adorable. I totally tear up over it. 

It would be really cool if I could see my updates that I sent out yesterday here. Especially the ones for +Trex Tshirt Company 

When is your birthday, +Trex Tshirt Company ? 

This message is to test our new all messages client queue. WORK PLEASE!! 5:52pm 

Hey +Trex Tshirt Company - I like shirts made from 100% cotton and are made in the US. 

test test one two one two. Will this rule work for you? 

This one is only for my communities - Fashion Fashion Fashion. I had to remove my default circles of public and Your circles in order for this to work by saying replace when given the option.  can I tag my community? Nope, I don't think so. 

This is a test post for tagging a brand page like +Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips  or +Trex Tshirt Company It also includes Public and Your Circles by default. I can add my extended circles but not communities.
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