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💙 FACEBOOK GROUP STRATEGY #3 ~ Content & Creating images

When Creating Content… you don’t have to write Loads of stuff.

Sometimes an image and a few words or a tip will do.

There are 3 types of Content posts that work well on Facebook…

Value posts (long / short)
Teaser posts
Engagement posts

It’s cool to use images for some of them!

Value posts
We talked at length about these yesterday, they can be text / quotes / tips / videos / blog-posts / how-to’s / tutorials / shares etc

Teaser Posts
Generally short, and intended to create Curiosity so people comment, then you can start a conversation, and if appropriate invite them to your group

Engagement posts
Useful for encouraging comments… can be completely un-related to business.


★ GET STENCIL … Free Images etc included / searchable

My No.1 Tool is

Paid Version is amazing but you can use it for free

★ CANVA ... Free images etc included / searchable
Hugely popular, I use this too for header images and creating my diagram images

★ PABLO ... Free images + quotes included

Free and simple … great for quotes, they’re created with a click

Video is also a Fantastic way to add content to your Group, either by uploading them or Going Live!!

Here's a Facebook Live Training you will enjoy

It is easy to share something you have learned in 3 quick tips or talk about an article you are sharing.

People love to see the face behind the Group 😊


If you are looking for places to find Free Stock Images then here are a few sources ...

Do you have any questions or comments?

♡ Jacs

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"The Grass is't Greener on the other side, it is Greener where you water it"

Time to remember that, like the grass, your business will flourish where you nourish it.

Don't go comparing yourself to others and getting despondent... we all have our own different grass to water, with our own weeds and stones to work around...

FOCUS on YOUR business 😁

"Happy Watering"

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♥︎ The Secret ... daily teachings

From the moment you are born, you have a cosmic partner who never leaves your side throughout your whole life. This cosmic partner has unbelievable contacts, and unlimited means and ways of doing anything you want. Time is no obstacle, size is no problem, and space doesn’t exist for your cosmic partner.There isn’t anything your partner cannot do for you.

And all you have to do is follow the cosmic rules. Ask, and then really believe that in the moment you ask, what you desire is already yours.

Imagine it - the entire Cosmic Universe batting for you!

by Rhonda Byrne
from The Secret

♡ Jacs

Day 32

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Have you heard that taking the first step can be the hardest?
Focus on that VERY FIRST Step of your plan until you take it 😊

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. "

♡ Jacs

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If you think about it, we are sharing things we know all the time, like almost every time we have a conversation.

We share how to’s, safety, healthy, why and why-nots with children…

We share what we did’s, where we went, how we did it’s with friends and family …

We share our passions, favourite things, boo boos, celebrations and advice with anyone that will listen!

So unconsciously we are creating and sharing content from our life all the time!

When it comes to business, we can still share the how to’s, where to’s, what to’s and whys!!

it’s just a case of training your business routine to do this, until it becomes unconscious too!

You may have heard of Diane Hochman.. well I’ve been a huge absorber of her philosophy for several years now…

and spent a weekend with her and 19 others a couple of years ago…

one of the things that struck me about this amazing lady was that every time she opened her mouth, gems of knowledge and pearls of wisdom just rolled out…

Well, that’s the ultimate Content!

But to get to that stage, one needs

★ A Passion
★ A Plan

Your Business is your Passion … Products and Growth of your business.

But just posting links doesn’t work because there is none of your personality or brand to do the attraction, and people have probably seen the product before or don’t want to join a business just from a link … would you?

People Join People 😊

Think about your…

1. end goal … (recruits into your business or customers for your business)
2. your target market … (network marketers or users of your type of products)

Your Content sharing should educate Network Marketers how to build their business, (eg online marketing and recruiting) and any product related content should be educating them on a subject related to your product.


The K A R T Method

K … Knowledge
You share your Knowledge and value with the world. so they gradually get to know you.
You need to learn.
What are you interested in when it comes to growing your business?
What marketing methods are you using? Which social platforms interest you?

Search, read, learn …

A … Action
Do what you learn - this cements the knowledge

R … Results
Begin to get Likes, Comments, Shares, Leads, Sales, Recruits

T … Teach
Teach what you have done… show others how to do it

You may already have content you have written on blogs or courses you have yet to finish! …


Or Search … Pinterest is a super place to find lovely lists of information to share!
(and add your profile link in the Files above … I’m teaching Pinterest Marketing on my blog!)

The best way is to FOCUS on one thing at a time… even if that is just an interesting report/blog post you have found on the Internet.

You can write tips on a range of subjects until you find what you really LOVE teaching…

as long as it relates to your end goal and your niche!

Apply this into your own brand and words and prepare SHORT content posts …

Do some Tips for….

If you relate this back to how you share information everyday, you’ll realise the only difference is the actual experience involved … so you need to Learn then Teach, and information will begin to flow out of you!

Did you find a useful tip here?

♡ Jacs

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If you have a Business Online, then you must take on board that Using Pinterest IS Attraction Marketing in a very SMART way 🙂

Do you think Pinterest is a place to seek out recipes, new handbags, hairstyles and save household tips, exercises and diets for one-day!?

Well you’re not wrong, but there’s much more to it!

Read more ...

♡ Jacs

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♥︎ The Secret ... daily teachings

You have the ability to command anything. Here is something you can say to command that negative thoughts leave you:

“Be gone! You have no part in me. I am spirit. I harbour only the good and perfect thoughts of Spirit.”

Never were truer words spoken.

by Rhonda Byrne
from The Secret

♡ Jacs

Day 31

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★ Lol! Pay attention...

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♥︎ 6 Silly Simple Steps to take on Twitter for 15+ Leads Per Day.


Yes, even YOU 😉

Free 2 hr Training Webinar (Twitter)

♡ Jacs

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You HAVE to create time for your business, you will find you will work efficiently in any short time you allocate yourself, and will also become faster and more productive at some of the other things in your schedule ... by creating 'Purpose' for your time you will recognise how precious it is. Value and enjoy it ... whatever you are doing 😊

The best way to start making a daily plan is to create a weeks template / table, either from your online calendar, or make one up yourself on a word document with Days Sun - Sat across the top and Hours down the left hand side.

Then fill in your job / other business hours, sleep hours, family commitment hours, and anything else that has a appointment booked in your week.

Then look at the gaps and work out where ‘your’ business time will fit.

Obviously things may shuffle about, and each day may be different, but creating a structure, and allocating your time does tend to shift things in your mind when you know your business time is a priority too.

Then work out what you have to do in this time ..

Do a ‘brain dump’ onto paper to see what you do.

Look carefully at your actions… and recognise you need to focus on the things that will grow and monetise your business..

A ~ Community Actions ~ The 6 Steps
B ~ Lead Generation Activities to grow your community
C ~ Serve your Customers

Remember to plan time for your regular training webinars and Masterminds with your up-line, and ones you may be holding for your team

Then draw up a schedule of daily actions or weekly actions (some things you may do in ‘blocks’ like creating or scheduling content for the week ahead..

Do the 6 steps every day.

This forms the basis of your ‘Daily Business Operation’ and I expect you’ve heard the term
‘Touch Your Business Every Day’ …

That’s a great Habit …

and scheduling will keep your posts active whilst you have a day off when you need too (more on that later this series!)


Practise… until it becomes a Habit!!

You can’t form a Habit from unstructured time or actions 😉

Was this useful?

♡ Jacs

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