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Remember the Modbook? They didn't get killed by the iPad after all. 
You thought the iPad killed the Modbook tablet? Think again.
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So a company found a way to make a Macbook more expensive. Impressive.
Jason R
There is no price for the new model, but I would assume it will be not much more than a comparable Windows tablet.. Well, as close to "comparable" as you can get, since some of the hardware is pretty specific to the company that survived from Axiotron. Oh, but maybe you are still thinking of the 90's era so-called "apple tax", and have not tried pricing the modern equivalent hardware.. Acer's "ultrabooks" are similarly priced to Airs, as are the majority of similarly equipped systems to Macs... 
I was speaking to the Macbook Pro I purchased that was $2200. I would assume a touchscreen Mac tablet would be expensive.
Jason R
I'd love to but can't justify another tech toy..
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