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Let's hear it truthfully. Despite how you feel about the situation, who has actually gone and altogether cancelled Netflix in favor of something else after the price bump news? (People who only cancel one part of Netflix but keep the other don't count, IMO.)
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I'm unaffected.. I only subscribe to the streaming anyway.. no changes here.
It doesn't take effect yet for existing subscribers. I don't plan on cancelling my subscription, but will likely change it to download/stream only & go to Redbox for DVDs.
There' isn't really any competition in this space. People talk up Redbox but it's not even in the same league.
Dropped the discs. Finally returning the Dark City Blu-ray that's been sitting there for months.
netflix is nice, but i prefer uTorrent (micro torrent)
Still way too many things in our DVD queue that aren't available for streaming. We'll eat the extra cost for now.
I mostly use their streaming any way, so plan on updating my plan to reflect that before the end of the month.
I'll be dropping the disks for sure.
I've only paid for a streaming subscription with Netflix, so I'm unaffected. I don't use CDs or DVDs anymore.
Like a bunch of the other people I've only subscribed to the streaming only plan
I only rent DVDs for the kids, 1 at a time, so I might drop in favor of just ordering movies from DirecTV. But I have until September to decide.
I can't say I was all that bothered by it. The price went up, but not by an absurd amount and it's still reasonable for what I get (4 discs at a time w/blu-ray)
The discs are a critical part of why I have the service in the first place. If the streaming library were equal it would be a different story. Whilst hurfers will blurf, NFLX has an excellent moat and has had pricing power for quite some time. They are gonna make hella money with this change.
I rarely find things I want to watch on streaming -- but I do often enough I am not motivated to cancel it.

I have a Netflix DVD that's been sitting on my entertainment center for nine months. I think I'm going to send it back and cancel the disk portion.
I think it's been a fantastic deal so far, and the new pricing isn't like they're gouging or anything. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to watching the ENTIRE SERIES of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix Instant, because that's what I pay them for.
I'm just about finished with The Dresden Files ... may have to watch some TNG next :)
I went to cancel but they just billed me on the 3rd and won't give refunds for partial months. So I am waiting to the end of the month so as not to have wasted my $19 this month. Then I'm canceling.
I changed my sub to only get 2 instead of 3 dvds and keep streaming...same price as before and little impact on how we watch things is still CAD$7.99/month
+David Matteson You know if you cancel now, it stays active. It doesn't just cut off. Might save you from forgetting on the 1st or 2nd of next month.
I cancelled them after their last round of increases which was only a buck. the value for me just wasn't there.
Jorge L
I'm keeping my netflix all I do is stream, so to me it's not a big deal 
I've had the same DVD sitting on my shelf at home since April of 2010. And that title has since become available for instant streaming. Despite this, I may end up keeping both and paying more because, really, it's just not that big a deal. Do not understand what all the fuss is over; all I can say is Machiavelli would be proud.
I dropped the DVD service a couple of weeks ago so I'm paying less now than before. Having said that, my wife is less than thrilled with the selection.
Anna F
I'm getting annoyed with the people who hate on Netflix and not the studios, that are being absolutely greedy fucks over the whole thing
@ least gena knowz wutz up
I'm considering my options. I'm not one of those ZOMG NETFLIX IS TEH EVILZ NAO people, but I've found my habits for the service aren't at all what I thought they'd be. I've gone ages since I streamed anything, then last week-end, I watched the entire Avengers season 1 cartoon (yes, I hate myself a little for that). I added the Blu-Ray option, and I have yet to actually rent a BR disc. With the price increase I may cancel in some way (totally, or just disc) if I find another viable option, although I don't seem to know of any. (iTunes isn't it)
We were streaming only to begin with. I don't understand the discers.
Depends on if my wife will let me cancel discs; although we have a 2-disc plan now, I had a Brisco County, Jr. DVD on my desk for almost 2 months before I realized it was unplayably scratched. As much as I want to keep the DVDs, there's so much I do want to watch available on streaming that I can always find something to watch.
I'm cancelling the disk and will only stream. Which I'm sure is what they are wanting everyone to do anyway.
Not upset by pricing. If anything made me finally get off my ass and cancel the mail portion. Now to actually find the last DVD I have to send it in....
Well, it's two different stories, isn't it? People who are angry enough at Netflix to threaten cancellation (which Netflix doesn't want & presumably didn't expect), and people whose behavior & subscriptions are changing in response to the price hikes (which Netflix presumably expected and is encouraging).

So, while not very many people are steaming mad and even fewer of them are actually dropping Netflix, many more people are moving their subscriptions around. Which is less scandalous but a lot more interesting.
Jorge L
To all that think that netflix is doing this to be a-holes go get a clue, it's not netflix it's the movie studios is the reason why the price hike. The movie studios want more money so netflix can have rights to stream the movies we all like to see. Don't hate netflix Hate the Studios. 
Netflix has been really good to us over the years. They're the only company that gave me a price cut on my existing service and added brand new features with no additional charge time and again. Let's not forget that rentals were $4 each and $2 shipping when the service first launched, and that the original three disk plan (no streaming, obviously) was $20.

All this talk of threatening to cancel is misguided; Netflix has always planned to phase out shipping discs, and this is a step in that direction. If you go to their signup page and read the section about the service, it doesn't even mention DVDs, it only mentions streaming. You have to click on a separate section to find out they even ship DVDs anymore.

So, yeah, I'll be going with the streaming only plan, canceling my subscription to DVDs. For DVDs, I'll probably go with RedBox, but that's pretty rare, what with Netflix, Amazon VOD and Hulu.
I have cut the cable cord, and I don't really believe hulu is at that point where I can just do away with netflix. So, I will grit my teeth and pay for both dvd rental and streaming.
I'll wait til last day of my billing cycle in August and then cancel. 60% hike is too much, regardless who’s to blame.
Well, when you put it that way... 60% sure does sound a lot bigger and scarier than $5.
At this point, the audacity of these companies in trying to create false scarcity so we will consume the way they want us to is so insulting that I almost feel a moral obligation to not give them any money. In this case I'm not referring to Netflix, but to the companies that insist their stuff is only available via DVD and not streaming. 
I have friends who are going to see a $3 bump and couldn't give a shit. They are still more peeved about the Blu-Ray tax than the price hike. But I have been with Netflix for more than eight years. I am a one-at-a-time renter now, and love the streaming, and this hike hits me right in the balls. I dropped cable three or four years ago, and the streaming is basically my TV. I have a yen for the classics, so RedBox will never be a good fit. I am investigating Amazon Instant Watch for streaming, and keep the DVD; Cafe DVD's by mail and keep the streaming, or some other less awesome way to get the best of both worlds.

Mind you, there's a Red Box about 1/2 mile from my house, and a Blockbuster in that same mall--but the convenience of the mail is worth it every time.
I'm keeping my account, really, a $5-6 price hike is gunna make people quit? Screw that noise.
I think Netflix service was cheap to begin with. I only make use of their streaming through, so for me there is no change and I'm plenty happy.
If u don't have any kids utorrent is stilll wayyyh better

I actually switched to streaming only right before the price change, but they keep sending me discs. Get it together Netflix! Here's $8!
I cancelled.

I had the 3dvd version with streaming. I haven't actually watched a DVD in a while, I was using streaming exclusively

So for me, it would be a price drop.

The issue isn't financial, it's the principle that they raised prices significantly with no corresponding extra value.

When I quit cable and phone service, the companies made me offers to stay. I think it's sad for Netflix to take the cavalier attitude that they know they'll lose customers, but their bottom line may still go up with the rate hikes

Who else thinks that iTunes and amazon and hulu are looking on how to cash in?
I only had it because my parents were subscribers and I'm watching their house while they're abroad. They cancelled when they discovered they couldn't use it from Scotland. Most of my friends have it so if I want to watch something I don't already have, I just go hang out there.
...Well at least gena knowz wussup........
I hear a small minority say that there is not much to watch on streaming. I disagree. We watch at least 20 hours of streaming a week. There is not enough time to explore what there is to offer. I currently have 50 items on my instant cue, 15 of which are my choices. This week they just added The Fighter, Skyline, The Last Airbender, and Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. I added all those to my cue. Now if you don't want to watch any of those, than maybe Netflix is just not that into you ;-)
+Paul Puri Both my Disc and Instant Queue have been completely full since I joined Netflix. If I dropped everything and just watched videos until my queue was empty I'd show up among the living around 4 years later.

I've been hearing the same complaints about Netflix for more than a decade now. It's always the same, people with narrow tastes complaining about lack of content.
Any good streaming sites other than hulu?
Cancelled the DVD option, just streaming now. Realized I was forgetting about them and keeping them for 2 months. Have found quite a bit of content on Amazon Prime as well.
I am tempted to cancel, but I haven't yet.
From Canada here, and even with our inferior selection, Netflix is still the best option for the $$
Canceled a few days after the announcement. I'm not liking the direction they're going; two price hikes is my limit.
I canceled my dvd's, but a friend canceled her whole service. I would also cancel, but the kids love netflix. I don't remember netflix being short of profitable, sounds greedy.
I am not likely to change anything on my end. I will still get 3 DVDs and unlimited streaming of Netflix. Admittedly I had already canceled regular tv service so its not a major issue for me.
I'm thinking I'll try out blockbuster for a bit.
People complain about selection but Netflix still impresses me 
Not me. Mind you we're in Canada, so we only get the streaming so far. If it were bumpd I'd still be happy.
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