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Quite simply, the US has no business getting involve there.
As Aleppo teeters on the brink of falling to Syrian regime forces, there is no consensus in the Obama administration on what, if any, action to take to help the beleaguered opposition with which the US is allied, several American officials have told CNN.

Jacques “JD” Dupuis

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Right out of the Saul Alinsky teaching... Is that all she got instead of showing us all her achievements for the people?
When Donald Trump tried to score points by saying that Hillary Clinton had spent days off the campaign trail to prepare for Monday night's debate, Clinton -- having spent days off the trail to prepare -- had a ready reply.
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+neil robinson Wow. Hillary does not believe in the law either. You are both sick. You are blocked due to an incapability to use whatever brain you have left. (Pun intended.) 

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No way. You have just been Trumped.

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+neil robinson
Why do animal of nature migrate? It is exactly for the simple reason that they don't have their in the sand like us humans.
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