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Jacquelyn Gill
Like Indiana Jones, but female. And with more mammoths.
Like Indiana Jones, but female. And with more mammoths.

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The International Biogeography Society has launched a crowd-funding campaign to double our travel fund support. Our goal is to offset the hardship for students in South America after we had to move the meeting from Brazil to Arizona (due to Zika and other issues). Please help spread the word and contribute if you can! This is one way to make a concrete difference for diversity in STEM! 

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"I dedicated my dissertation to the forgotten, unnamed women who wrote the manuscripts, conducted the experiments, and brewed the coffee and cared for the babies so that their husbands and colleagues could win Pulitzers. I wouldn’t be here without those women. And I wouldn’t be here without libraries, Sesame Street, free school breakfasts, the Pell Grant, or the National Science Foundation, either."

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A nice piece in the Rapid City journal about our Persistence Cave research! Follow #cavebison  on Twitter for updates. 

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We're about to start our first of three live-tweeting sessions about the Persistence Cave excavation. We're at The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota (which has wifi), who is our research partner. You can follow our tweets at ‪#‎cavebison‬.
If you can't make the live-tweeting Q&A today, we'll be doing more Tuesday the 16th and Thursday the 18th at 1 pm EST. Even if you're not on Twitter, you can follow the hashtag.

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I'll be participating in a panel discussion on crowd-funding on Thursday at 4 pm EST! You can join the G+ Hangout or follow live-streaming on YouTube. 
Scientists! What does it really take to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for your science? Recently, several scientists have written about their surprise on how their (successful) crowdfunding campaigns actually went. For these scientists, it wasn’t as easy as they expected. Do the expected rules of the crowdfunding road still apply? For this month's SciFund Voices, we’ll be speaking with a panel of experienced science crowdfunders who will share their experiences. We'll also be fielding questions from the audience, via Google+ and Twitter (use the #SciFund hashtag)!

Dr. Jacquelyn Gill (University of Maine)
Dr. Ethan Perlstein (Perlstein Labs)
Dr. Lenny Teytelman (
Dr. Jai Ranganathan, moderator (SciFund Challenge)

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I'm pleased to announce a new paper, now online for a June special edition of Conservation Biology. We use a paleoecological perspective to assess an emerging conservation strategy: protecting geophysical diversity (the stage) rather than species (the actors).

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We've got 9 days left to raise $3974. If you haven't checked out the page recently, there are some cool new photography incentives, as well as the option to give in someone's name (and they get the incentives!). Please also share this with your communities -- we're excited about this research and are eager to get the word out to others. 

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Our crowd-funding campaign is $547 short of 50% funding, with two weeks left -- if we don't hit our goal, we don't get anything, so if you've been thinking about supporting our research on climate change and penguins, now's your chance!

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Can you help us get to the Falklands to do some critically timed research on the impacts of abrupt climate change? Any gift helps!

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My graduate students Dulcinea and Kit are trying to raise $10,000 to fund their graduate research in the Falkland Islands. Can you help us get there? Our research will help project the integrated ecologies and economies of this beautiful, remote biodiversity hotspot in the South Atlantic. Did I mention the penguins? There are penguins.  
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