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Jacqueline Polanco
Digital Marketing | Online Advertising | Social Media Strategist
Digital Marketing | Online Advertising | Social Media Strategist

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- Constantly innovate
Hangout Apps amp up Hangouts
Create a one-of-a-kind experience
Hangout Apps provide a brand canvas
Use the Hangout apps for unique experiences

- Enable better decisions
Measure the impact of recommendations
Social reports in Google Analytics: tie real dollar amounts to your social marketing
Set up micro conversions


- Growing Retention and Loyalty
Your customers can be your brand champion on the web
+1's give your loyal fans a megaphone
Reach your customers with Google+ communities
Google+ enhances the post-sales experience
Offer help
Conversational posts serve as a sounding board to get feedback from customers
Customer Service can occur directly on a page
Monitor your reputation


- Drive Sales
Personal connections play a key role in the consideration process
Drive sales with social content in search
Get the +1 button
Your fans recommendations at the right time & place with your message
Turn on social extensions
Google+ can enhance search and search ads
Add your page to AdWrods Sitelinks
Get creative about your social presence to capture user interest


2. Win moments that matter
- Build awareness
Create an interesting digital presence for your business to generate interest
Create exclusive content using posts
Humanize your brand using Hangouts
Connect the online and offline world
Tap into digital communities relevant to your business
Launch new products live, gain fan loyalty


Google+ makes the web work for brands...

1. Uncover the right insights
- Hangouts alllows you to learn from your customer in a face-to-face interaction.
Host a focus group
Poll your followers
- Uncover insights with Ripples
Assess Google+ Ripples
Identify Influencers

Google+ aims to make all of Google better #gplusbusiness  

#gplusbusiness  Learn with Google: Building a Digital Brand with Google+ :)

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