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Finally after six months I got my home control system up and working with help off Tasker + plugins also special thanks to +João Dias​, +Armando Ferreira​, +Ryoen Deprouw​ and many more.

* Android Tablet Samsung Tab3 running CM13
* Tasker
* Tasker plugins: most of +João Dias​ (auto apps), smart thermostat plugin, auto hue, etc (see image for the rest of the plugins)
* Nest thermostat 2nd gen.
* Philips Hue six bulbs (ordered another one today)
* Philips Hue LivingColors Bloom
* Philips Hue motion sensor (ordered another one today)
* Philips Lightstrips (not Hue) connected with TP-Link HS100 smartplug behind TV
* TP-Link HS100 smartplug for my Onkyo 5.1 surround system)
* Z-Wave Solarpanels from +Autarco
* 2x Chromecast 1st gen.
* Xtrend satellite receiver
* Philips 3D HD TV
* Multiple TP-Link routers
* Fiber internet 1000 Mbit

* Amazon Echo Dot 2 will be added soon...

Maybe I forgot something but the most important stuff is there.

I'm not going into details that's just to much, I tought myself by watching videos by the three guys listed above, great respect and many thanks to them.

About the "Control Center App":

* At first startup it will do a "check", it will read all of my devices connected to my home network (I use a ping command (Google it yourself)), so it determines if it's "On" or "Off" (see images)
* The background is weather responsive triggered every 3 hours by +weatherunderground​ (need API number), it will change to the weather conditions to rain, clear, cloudy, thunderstorm, snow, etc...
* Nest thermostat can be triggered through the plugin and set the temperature, if the Nest is in Eco or Away mode the screen goes off and vice versa
* Light can be triggered through the auto hue app, but also reads the light status every minute.
* There's also a movie mode: dimm the lights, color loop, surround on, Netflix or Plex for movies
* TV can be triggered though a JSON command (Google it yourself) every TV works differently
* Satellite receiver works through HTTP commands (Enigma2)
* Images of HDMI change automatically to TV port selected
* Also front camera is used as motion detector (not the best but works)
* TuneIn radio, YouTube and Netflix automatically stream to chromecast when I choose a song or movie of tv-show

That's about it.
Any comments, tips or whatever is welcome!

I don't want to get in to much detail because every situation and setup is different.
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+João Dias autonotification tells me it's not activated but it is... It doesn't close my notifications for example Pushbullet (see top of image).
Please help...
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If I want to add a service it says 'accounts now linked' but when I refreshed it says 'account linking failed'. In this case I want to connect Broadlink, but I can't add any other accounts as well. I cleared the cache of Google Home app and also uninstalled and reinstalled it again, but no luck what so ever. I already have Philips Hue, Nest and KASA linked. I don't want to test them by unlinking and linking again. Please help...
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Got Hue Motion Sensor working with Tasker as a standalone device. When motion is detected at night 'alarm mode' will trigger; Hue lights go on, Hue LivingColors will blink red a couple of times, camera images will display on my phone, phone beebs

+Philips Hue Dev
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Getting to know Google Assistant on my Nexus 6p...

Via +xda-developers

#googleassistant #AI

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Hey guys I really can use your help!
My Nexus 5 is ready to pass on to my daughter so I need a new Nexus phone, Pixels is to expensive for now.
So will it be the 6p or 5x? (6p comes with 2 a year subscription, 5x 1 year).
Please help me decide!
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Nexus 6p
Nexus 5x

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Used to work not anymore. It reads the last WhatsApp message out loud. Please help...

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6 or 5... Can't wait to get my hands on the new Nexus 5, what about you guys?
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Nexus 6 (2015)
Nexus 5 (2015)
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