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Really digging non-suspending breakpoints in Android Studio. This lets you log to the console without pausing execution; it's great when debugging interactions like scrolling where pausing is really disruptive. You can also update your logged info without having to recompile/deploy.

Right click on a breakpoint (or ⇧+⌘/Ctrl+F8) and untick suspend, i've found the 'Log evaluated expression' helpful.

Think I heard this in this excellent talk but only recently started using it:

Try it out. #AndroidDev #ProductivityMatters

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Android Support Library 22.2.1 available now
This release is focused on product quality and stability, with a healthy dose of bugs and edge cases now fixed, particularly for users of the Android Design Library ( introduced in version 22.2.0.

You’ll also find a number of API improvements as well:
- FloatingActionButton’s new show() and hide() methods to allow triggering the appropriate animations programmatically
- Snackbar gains LENGTH_INDEFINITE for continuing to show a Snackbar until it is dismissed or another Snackbar is shown
- TabLayout now allows you to retrieve the currently selected tab via getSelectedTabPosition()
- NotificationCompat.MediaStyle now uses a fully fluent API, allowing chaining methods together
- RecyclerView’s SortedList now has convenience methods to batch insert items

Please continue to file any Support Library bugs at

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I won't lie, I didn't expect this deal to get blocked, however much it was an obviously harmful merger.

But this is a particularly interesting analysis.

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How do you inject dependencies into your Android project that need qualifiers?  Why? #androiddev  
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@Inject @CustomAnnotation

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New version of the Android Testing Support Library[0]

The release includes two major additions:
Espresso-Intents[1]: a Mockito-like API that enables hermetic inter-activity testing by allowing test authors to verify and stub outgoing intents.
Test Rules[2]: a set of Junit4 rules that replace ancient framework APIs like ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 and ServiceTestCase.

All samples have been updated and a set of Espresso-Intents samples[3] has been added to help you get started.

Of course, we have also squashed some reported bugs and addressed minor feature requests from android-test-kit[4]. See release notes[5] and javadoc[6] for details.

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Valera Zakharov +Nick Korostelev +Jose Alcérreca and +Stephan Linzner 

#AndroidDev #AndroidTesting


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+Alex Ruiz​ timehop needs integration with the google bug tracker amiright?

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#androidstudio  now experimentally supports unit testing. #androiddev  

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Check the configuration at runtime and use a linear layout manager if width < n and a grid layout manager otherwise. 
Need help !
How couod I make a layout manager for a recyclerview that make cards appear in one column on small screen and multi column on larger ones and tablets ...

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We've put together an awesome site to showcase our open source libraries at Timehop - including our sticky headers library for RecyclerView (Android), as well a bunch of our backend tools (written in Go)
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