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Jacob Quinn

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Look ma! I'm on the interwebs!! (1:45)
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Jacob Quinn

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I've been needing a reason to do more regular posts and this Collections features seems like a good way to organize content streams. This collection is called "Julia Programming Tips" and I'll try to post fairly frequently with tips and tricks (since I spend at least some time every day coding, I should be able to find something to post about...).

*Note: If you don't care to see updates about programming/Julia, you can navigate to my profile page (by clicking on my picture), then click on "Collections" and then click "Following" on the "Julia Programming Tips" collection to not see these posts.

First tip!

As a package maintainer, how do I maintain a single code source instead of branching different versions (say for version 0.3 vs. 0.4)?

This is a great question with a relatively new answer. Originally there was the `VERSION` variable defined in Base that allowed one to put something like:

  if VERSION > v"0.4.0"
       # version 0.4 code
       # version 0.3 code

While this works, it's a little clunky because often times the new feature/syntax you want to use was introduced at a specific commit, so just specifying `v"0.4.0"` means anyone on 0.4, but that doesn't yet have the new commit will see errors. It then becomes a hassle to track down the exact commit relative to 0.4 to version off of (e.g. `v"0.4.0-dev+4928"`). What's worse is that new syntax may not even be parseable in the new commit.

Enter Compat.jl ( Compat.jl is a package that maintains compatibility changes between versions in Julia. It's a central repository for all packages to use to simplify the versioning process and provide an easy way to use new features/syntax in packages, while easily maintaining backwards compatibility. Like the new Dict syntax in 0.4? Try this:

    using Compat
    new_fancy_dict_of_lies =@compat Dict("money" => "happiness")

Boom! Code automatically compatible between versions of Julia. Super simple stuff.

Anyway, that's it for today's Julia tip, feel free to ask any questions, suggest future tip topics, or, shudder, correct my code :( Have a swell day!
Compat.jl - cross-version compatibility
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Jacob Quinn

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These Is My Words Written by Nancy Turner For the past month, I have been trying to convince just about everyone I have talked with to read this book. So I guess it's your turn now. After half of the characters I was introd...
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Jacob Quinn

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I enjoyed the infographic; I've been looking for a dump of current companies in the space.
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Jacob Quinn

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Hopefully everyone heard about the recent v0.2.0 official release of Julia. For a lengthy list of changes/updates, see here:

Also check out a nifty IJulia notebook that was put together to highlight some of the happenings in the 0.2 community:

A big congrats/thanks to all who have contributed to 0.2 and here's to 0.3!
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Jacob Quinn

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Either he was too sleepy or missed the memo that we were doing goofy faces..........
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That's hilarious !! Leo just wonders what the heck you're doing??
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Jacob Quinn

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Check out this photo from
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Jacob Quinn

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Today's Julia tip follows in the same vein as my last post about compatibility.

How do I easily make my code portable cross-platform?

As much as a core language library tries to abstract away various platform differences (Windows, OSX, Linux, etc.), there are certain pieces of functionality that still persist where there are differences between platforms. This is a common problem when developing packages that use 3rd-party binaries (C or C++ shared libraries). Base Julia provides a few ways to easily make your code cross-platform.

Julia provides a few macros for convenience for dealing with cross-platform code:

 @windows_only really_cool_function(#= windows-specific code =#)
 @osx_only really_cool_function(#= OSX-specific code =#)
 @linux_only really_cool_function(#= linux-specific code =#)

Here, I'm defining a single `really_cool_function`, yet the implementation will be different depending on what platform the code is run on. This is wonderful for users of this code because they themselves don't have to put in any `@windows_only/@osx_only`, they just call `really_cool_function` and it "Just Works (TM)".

There is also a ternary operator form like
  t =@osx? "yes, I'm a mac" : "No, I'm not a mac"

Some don't like this form because it's "too cute" or a pun on the ternary operator, but it exists nonetheless.

Enjoy making your code cross-platform!
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Jacob Quinn

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My wife is amazing!
We are a soup family. We love soup! We have soup at least once a week and have recently decided to branch out a bit and try a few new ones. My incredibly lucky husband gets delicious catered lunches at work EVERY day. Every n...
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Jacob Quinn

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So this is where I work now.....awesomeness.
More big Domopalooza news! Sheryl Sandberg​ will keynote at #DP15. Register now to take advantage of early-bird pricing! Details here: 
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Yeah, pretty exciting stuff! Now that I'm out of school, I'm looking forward to catching up on a long reading list :) 
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Jacob Quinn

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Should have called me up for a little frenchy-french translation!
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Jacob Quinn

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Now this is cool. LDS (Mormon) church leaders are now on G+. Props to leaders willing to embrace technology and push forward in new ways to engage with an evolving society! Circle up for timely, uplifting, and insightful thoughts on living Christ-centered lives and doing good to those around us.
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I wonder if it is their assistants masqerading? maybe. 
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Just had an unfortunate and terrible experience at Best Buy getting Sarah's new phone. In the spirit of free markets and the need to vent frustration, I feel the need to complain about such a poor consumer experience. We've been talking about getting Sarah a new phone for months. We found out about a deal where you get a $50 gift card to Best Buy if you upgrade your next phone with them, and after visiting a few times, Sarah finally settled on getting the new iPhone 4S. Our schedules finally aligned today where we had a 1.5 hour window and were near our local Best Buy. We decided to pull the trigger. After feeling excited for the first 20 minutes and thinking we were just about done with the process, we pulled out the credit card, ready to pay, when we noticed that the $50 gift card hadn't been applied. Little did we know, we would end up wanting to gauge our eyes out for the next hour while associate after associate and manager after manager came over to try and apply the gift card, with no success! And while we realize mistakes and technical difficulties occur, we felt the worse offense was that 30 minutes into the process we mentioned that we were in a hurry and needed to leave soon (Sarah had a church activity she was expected to help with), and had to sit ANOTHER 30 minutes before they would finally let us leave in total exasperation, having paid the full amount with no gift card applied! The inconsideration for our time, especially when we said that we were sincerely in a hurry, was extremely frustrating and definitely casts a negative shadow over a usually great retailer. I just feel terrible that my lovely wife had to have her "iPhone experience" ruined by such an experience. Bad form!
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