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Jacob “Mitallust” Pope
I want to connect the world with technologies that improve our lives!
I want to connect the world with technologies that improve our lives!

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The best meet with local resistance agents I've ever had. Their hospitality and generosity knows no bounds, I hope that everyone can show them the same. I know I will.

+Nyantic Labs(猫グッズ屋)



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Now that I've got your attention, you guys should check out my Instagram, since they don't have an easy way for me to cross-post my photos here.

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Cross-faction photo of the agents who battled over Magnus #24. The Resistance claimed victory over what they would call "Ruby", and sent the shard from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, Pender Island, Field, North Dakota, and to score in Winnipeg.

#FateOfThe13 #Ingress
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#24 aka "Ruby" has touched down in Winnipeg alongside her two siblings. Was a bit of a trip from Vancouver, but we are glad you are home safe and sound.

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Anyone who plays the field or shard game knows how frustrating spoofers and other forms of cheating are. Great to see them finally reverse actions that they have on the game (even if it does result in ENL scoring).

Agents, Magnus #44 has been moved by NIA Gamemasters to the Target Portal in Samara, Russia.

Four minutes prior to Jump Time a bad actor created a secondary link which caused a Jump directly to the Target to fail.

NIA Gamemasters will continue to make a best effort to ensure that the actions of those who play fairly are protected. This may not always be viable but due diligence will be performed to the extent possible in all cases.

Trusted members of the community, Agents of both Factions, will be consulted in most cases, as was the case with Magnus #44. We are grateful for the input of Agents who put their Factions aside in assisting with this and future matters of integrity and fair-play.

Thank you.

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I remember this!

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AAR: OP Gate Keeper

“Then the dreamer awoke from his dream into the nightmare of reality time and time again. Skies of blue as far as the eyes could see, next to untouchable by mortal hands.”

Smallest Layer - 941,486
Largest Layer - 964,936
Largest Number of Layers - 25
Total Standing MU* - 17,159,856
Septicycles won - 2
Consecutive CPs BAFed - 5, 18, 5

Septicycle Scores

NR13-ROMEO-03** : RES 4,400,000 to ENL 120,000
NR13-ROMEO-02** : RES 2,700,000 to ENL 151,000

NR13-ROMEO-03 : RES 1,100,000 to ENL 205,000
NR13-ROMEO-02 : RES 580,000 to ENL 441,000

Anchor Teams:@Mitallust @JustJaime @colourist @NeddLudd @psydpope*** @ubic @JMACT @LoveBird85***

Clearing Agents: An incredibly awesome group of [redacted] agents.
Planners:@Ba1r0g @Mitallust @GMontag451

Fun Ruiners Takedown Agents:@kongg, @unwittyusername, @einsteinmcgee(x2),@spiraleyedbear, @Brome0sDad

*Calculations for this are complicated, since some parts were standing while others weren’t, multiple regions, etc. The VanRE does not guarantee the accuracy of this metric based off our napkin math.

**Highest known cycle score for NR13-ROMEO-02 and -03 and score discrepancy for both cells according to previous claim in this sitrep:

***Onyx Illuminator unlocked, congrats!

+Andrew Krug  #ingress   #aar   #sitrep   #baf   #reswueisawesome #onyxilluminator   #ingressreport   #ingresssitrep   #ingressaar  

#illuminatorsforall   #boourns   #noilluminatorsforanyone #boourns   #illuminatorsforsomeminatureresistancepinsforothers

  #ilikebluebafsandicannotlie   #youotheragentscantdeny   #whenabafdropsinwithadurablekeyigetsome  ( #MU )
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It's beginning to look a lot like BAFmas, everywhere you go!

Gif c/o +Philip Kay

#ingress #MerryBAFmasToAll #HellsGate #FraserCanyon
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Reinstate Leechtown!
Appeal Category: Portal Removed
Portal Title: Leechtown Cairn
City, Region and Country: Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Lat/Long: 48.495777, -123.711601
Reason/comments: This portal was one of the original seed portals, as was evident by the fact that the image associated with it was from Panoramio. Located on a road to the now-abandoned gold rush town of Leechtown, the cairn marked the entrance to what is now a ghost town. It commemorates the fact that the town once existed, and is a true part of Vancouver Island's history.

The portal is not accessible by vehicle, but can be reached by foot or bicycle via the Sooke Potholes and Kapoor Regional Parks, from the well-maintained Galloping Goose Trail that runs throughout Victoria and the Capital Regional District. It has been captured by both the Resistance and the Enlightened in the past - the Resistance captured this portal in August of this year from its previous Enlightened owners, who had made the trip a few months earlier.

Other than a long journey by foot or bicycle, there are no issues around access to this portal, and as such it should be reinstated.

Ingress Intel Link:,-123.711601&z=17&pll=48.495777,-123.711601
Google Maps Link:,-123.712314,15.5z
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