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Your requests have been heard -- and I'm gauging interest on doing a SECOND round of DC swag orders.  (Yay! don't have to rush to get things done before an anomaly!)

Please fill out this form by July 10th and I'll have a better idea of what you all want to order and I'll do my best to satisfy the requests. 
DC Res Swag — Swag InterestTHIS IS NOT AN ORDER FORM!!! This is just to gauge interest.
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The stuff legends are made of!
Come! Join in the adventure as the +Los Angeles Resistance, Southern California, and the Resistance as a whole, defends the Enlightened target “Beacon, The Big Project.” This is a story of teamwork, ingenuity, and dedication from both factions. The Enlightened repeatedly attempt courageous and daring shots at the goal. Each shot upping the ante, relentlessly pursuing victory as the clock ticks away.

It has been over a month since May 7th, 2015, when the shards emerged, jumping every 12 hours, ready or not. The shards brought factions together on a global scale for nonstop strategy and discussion. However this is the last 72 hours, the last 6 jumps; if this is a marathon, we've already passed mile 24. The end is in sight, and both factions will not go down without a fight.

Through nail biting developments, the Resistance realize how insistent the Enlightened are on achieving victory. From linking from eastern Russia, which was barely on the radar, to camping on an island, the Resistance must step up to be on its A game. As the story unfolds, 4500 points are on the line, a number, which unknown at the time, ends up being the difference between a crushing defeat or a narrow victory.

Are you ready to see the action through the eyes of Southern California Resistance? Be warned, this is not a short read, but we hope it has you glued to your seats!

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +John Hanke +Niantic Project +[redacted] 

#Ingress   #Niantic   #Persepolis   #LightmanShards   #ActualGameplayFootage   #ResistLA   #LAR   #OCR   #SDR   #SoCalResistance   #Resistance   #ExistToResist   #AAR   #SitRep   #HellYeah   #hashtagallthethings  
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Rainbow Portal!

#LoveWins #ingress
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No love 4u! :P Roy G Biv babaaay
WASHINGTON—Shortly after turning in dissenting opinions in landmark federal rulings today that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and conferred full federal benefits to married same-sex couples, Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence T...
Very awesome, some glyph sequences overlaid on beautiful photos.  Not my work, all found on reddit here:

This is the Enlightened set, author said he would post Resistance ones tomorrow.

+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose

#ingress #glyphs #enlightened  
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Biggie Smalls is alive and well in Austin, TX.

Props to my brother for stepping up his fielding game.
Op BiggieSmalls2 was a resounding success. 124,014 Mu from 14 layers. Planning was done not to make the biggest field, but the path of least Jarvis, having to expend only two on the whole field. With much help from agents Raptorsquee (dispatch), Evilkat (keys), and Covact (On Site), the plan went off as smoothly as could be expected.

The one hitch being a large blue blocker running nearly straight across both layer lines, which was luckily taken out by an ENL agent. So thanks to ENL agent Rhzome68 for the unexpected help.

Agent Covact was in a prime spot to throw the baseline after rushing to take out the blocking link, and scored two layers for himself as I headed up the spine, recharging portals and closing fields.

Hopefully, Op BiggieSmalls3 will break the 200k Mu mark.

+Adrianne Masling +David Perry +Eva P 
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Why you heff to be mad? Is only game
Even git is celebrating!

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Love is a battlefield senor pope
MUFG Interest Rate Research #FORSCIENCE!
Help us generate useful data to determine the math behind MUFG capsule content duplication rates. We will publish our results once enough data is gathered. Please share this around, the more data , the merrier. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure good results.
We have been at work among our group attempting to crack the secret to the MUFG Capsule duplication. This has proven to be a tough nut to crack. The true algorithm / secret is probably locked behin...
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"I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry" - Mildred Loving

Congrats to my brothers and sisters in the USA in this important decision.  The 4 dissenting Justice opinions are on the wrong side of history, and it is sad it wasn't a unanimous decision like Loving v. Virginia in 1967.

#equality #LoveWins #lgbt  
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There are things the government has business dealing with, what private bits two people in love and want to get married have... is not one of them.
We'll be performing maintenance on the Intel Map today. Downtime should be minimal, but if you do receive an error when attempting to access the Intel Map, do not be alarmed; please wait a bit and try again later.

本日インテルマップのシステムメンテナンスをおこなっております。 システムのダウンタイムは短いものです。もしインテルマップアクセスの際にエラーが表示されたら、少しの間お待ちいただき、再度アクセスをお試しいただくようお願い致します。
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If you saw a drone flying around at the PDX Anomaly, this is what it was for!
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Lol... I will take that moment of fame! 
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