Some say I suffer from this thing called insanity
done seeing people suffer, is this humanity?
everyone with a buffer stuck behind vanity
worried about comfort excuse my profanity
while I try to recover like a fucking Manatee
something they don't see
but I'm the only man I see
lost who I was trying to be
out in this rough sea
but back to being me
just a human being
or was it destiny?
climbing up this ladder
showing what matter
not just a rapper
but a dream trapper
fighting demons and angels
just toying around
do you understand how profound
of a statement this is?
written in Genesis
feeling great letting it be seen
let em hate got electricity
guess you could say that I'm E
cause E=mc2
MCs be scared
I've prepared
mind and body paired
find somebody impaired
help get them repaired
again and again till it's shared
on a regular basis
look out at all the faces
combination of races
wandering what the human race is
back and forth a trillion paces
rebellion and packed into bases
over and over till it embraces
understanding its good graces
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