When I was little in school got so pissed
2nd grade thought I'd be cool as a Jacobologist
teach said that's made up
doesn't exist
oh you mean just like this
Internet I'm posting to?
do you even have a clue
what we could do
focused on the true
instead of the black and blue
from the mental beatdown
put into a box so dreams aren't found
buncha locks with keys hidden all around
but someone says not in this town
no future in a computer
get a history tutor
so we can keep repeating it
sorry but I ain't feeling it
headed for the ceiling regardless if you admit
there is a future in anything
there won't be if we don't bring
ourselves to do it
calling others stupid
like Cupid
with his arrow
leaving us so narrow
don't make me get outta this chair yo
unstoppable flow
only one way to go
just like time
just in time
just focus on mind
bust those blind
outta jail
with detail
clever like braille
never fail
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