Life is what we make it
and I'm making it great
so you can go ahead and hate
but meanwhile just wait
mean style and flow just like a lake
save it to a file to understand fate
cause no matter what it take
I'm taking my place
in this human race
setting the pace
get outta my face
heads in outter space
and the stars I chase
until I win my case
and get a little taste
not of success
but in being my best
stay away from the mess
only good things ingest
my body is a temple
man it's so simple
man is so nimble
we can all be a symbol
for what we believe in
instead of just leaving
when things don't go our way
don't got much more to say
it's a rainy day
in VA
so just thought I'd say hey!
#poetry   #motivation   #goals
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